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Artificial Christmas Trees vs Live Christmas Trees

arenaria christmas trees by masons home decor singapore

Can Artificial Christmas Trees Measure Up to Real Christmas Trees? Every year in Singapore and all around the World, the dilemma arises of whether to choose an artificial Christmas tree or a real one. For many, the smell of a freshly felled spruce or pine is what the Christmas season is all about. The season […]

How To Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree Properly?

It might be too early to think about chucking away your Christmas tree when Christmas day is not even here yet and the holiday season has just only started. However, as you make your purchase of an artificial Christmas tree with us, you do need to think about how you are going to keep it […]

8 Facts About Christmas Trees You Did Not Know About

Whether you get a real Christmas tree this year or an artificial Christmas tree, the meaning behind celebrating the occasion with a tree is still the same. What we consider the Christmas tree to be, the values it brings to us all stays the same. As celebrating with a Christmas tree has become such a […]

Guide To Creating Unique Themes For Your Christmas Tree Decorations

For those of us who have already gotten a Christmas tree and for those who are looking to get one – your work does not end there. Once you get yourself a Christmas tree, the next thing to look forward to is of course decorating it. Definitely, you can choose to take the back seat […]

The Professional’s Guide To Hanging Christmas Lights Safely

What can be more magical this festive season than seeing Christmas lights all around our shopping malls, homes and of course Orchard Road?? Trees and even shrubs are twinkling away as we approach December, and did we not mention about the gorgeous colours the lights are shining away in this year?   Christmas lights bring […]

The Real Story Behind All Of Our Christmas Symbols

The season of happiness and forgiveness is almost here, and slowly it comes to our memory about all the interesting traditions and symbols that are associated with Christmas. How many of us really know what they mean and symbolise? Do we know where they took their roots from? If you don’t, do not worry, as […]

A Christmas Story: the Origin of CHRISTMAS TREES

The Origin of Christmas Trees Christmas trees have been around for decades and even centuries that even our grandparents recall their great grandparents to have known about the tradition. Christmas was not the only occasion celebrated during Winter in old times – there were plenty of other Winter festivals that were conducted and the a […]

Christmas Tree Singapore is Hiring!

Christmas is slightly more than a month away and it is a busy time for Christmas Tree Singapore! Just like any other Christmas shop in Singapore or anywhere around the world, assistance will always be a great need! Read on for the following job openings that are available: 1.) Workshop Assistant It is a culture for […]

Christmas Traditions In Singapore – Is It The Same As The Rest Of The World?

The month of December screams of a festive season with a couple of holidays arriving back to back. We all know that Christmas is a shared holiday celebrated all around the world and it’s often most of our favourite time of the year! But do we all celebrate it the same way across the world? […]

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