How To Store Your Artificial Christmas Tree Properly?

It might be too early to think about chucking away your Christmas tree when Christmas day is not even here yet and the holiday season has just only started. However, as you make your purchase of an artificial Christmas tree with us, you do need to think about how you are going to keep it in the right way for the rest of the year until the next Christmas day is here. Right maintenance and storage prolongs your artificial Christmas tree’s lifespan significantly, so we are going to tell you the right way of doing that.

1) First of all, remove all the ornaments off your artificial Christmas tree. It is a complete no-no to think that you can leave all the decorations on as you pack your tree into the store room, thinking that it would be less work and easier to set up when you bring it back out next year. Leaving the ornaments and decorations on constantly strains on the needles and branches and weighs them down – damaging your artificial Christmas tree significantly.

2) Disemble your artificial Christmas tree into sections. Gently hold each section upright and first remove it off its base and keep the base separately. If your tree is lighted, as you now remove the other sections off each other, slowly remove the lights as well and store them separately. Getting your artificial Christmas tree disambled to their section also makes sure the entire tree is not standing on its weight the whole duration of the next 12 months before it is taken out again. Laying them in their separate section takes the strain and weight off the parts and leaves them undamaged.

3) Keep the boxes your artificial Christmas tree comes in! This is the main reason why we are writing this post to you now and not later on when Christmas has passed. As you make your purchase of an artificial Christmas tree, ensure that you keep the plastic or cardboard boxes they come in and whatever bubble wrap or storage material that is given inside as well. If you would like to take a step further, then try to take a photo of the artificial Christmas tree when it is in the box after it was delivered to you. This will give you an idea of how to pack the artificial Christmas tree back after Christmas time is over.

Keeping them in the boxes they came in help you guard the tree against weather changes, insects or any exposure to too much light or water. This way you can store them in the storage area without worrying about them for the next year. Make sure you tape the boxes up after you keep them back in so that no creepy crawlies start a family inside your artificial Christmas tree!

4) It might be a smarter idea to separate your tree to different sections, bring each of these sections to the store room and then pack them into the boxes they came in right there. This saves your back and a lot of energy trying to carry the boxes from your living area to the storage area after you are done packing. This is also true if you try to fit in more than one section of the artificial Christmas tree into a box – it is going to end up being pretty heavy and that would not be a joy to carry to your store room.

5) Ensure that while packing your artificial Christmas tree, you do not place any direct pressure or strain on the needles and any light wires that are inside. Leaving this constant strain on will definitely damage these parts which are flexible and in a way fragile. Of course, you would not want to open your artificial Christmas tree after a year to know that it looks distorted or the lights are not working anymore.

6) Store your boxes with the artificial Christmas tree sections in a cool and dry area. We cannot emphasise this enough – leaving the boxes at a place where there might be water from the rain or leaving them under a spot with direct sunlight most of the time will do no good for you artificial Christmas tree. In fact, this would encourage the growth of mold, fungus or even encourage insects or pests to creep in. This is not going to give you a good sight when you try to open and retrieve back your artificial Christmas tree for next year’s Christmas. Plus, the warranty for your artificial Christmas tree is unlikely to cover for poor storage conditions!

7) Read the instructions on your user manual for the tree! Pay close attention to the required storage conditions and techniques described and abide by them closely. These instructions are written for a reason and are specific to the materials that make up your artificial Christmas tree. They are said specifically to guard your artificial Christmas tree and to prolong its lifespan.

8) If you don’t have the boxes that the artificial Christmas tree came in, then get some boxes on your own. You can also make DIY storage bags out of old cloth which is of good quality. An example would be to make a simple bag with a draw string out of old bed linen or bed sheets.

9) You can also consider using small hand towels to wrap up the ends of the branches before leaving them to storage. These are better protection to the branches than just stuffing paper or using bubble wrap as they wrap around the branches closely and also hold them together. They also prevent them from scratching you when you are packing them into the box or when you are removing them.

Remember, the more time you put into getting your artificial Christmas tree stored properly, the less time it will take for you to get them out to set it up for your next Christmas. It will also save your artificial Christmas tree from any unnecessary damage. Record down our tips and keep this page bookmarked because it is going to save you plenty of time, work and money!

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