Guide To Creating Unique Themes For Your Christmas Tree Decorations

For those of us who have already gotten a Christmas tree and for those who are looking to get one – your work does not end there. Once you get yourself a Christmas tree, the next thing to look forward to is of course decorating it. Definitely, you can choose to take the back seat and go with a typical red and white Christmas decoration which would be simple. But what’s the fun in Christmas, decorating with your family and impressing your guests if you don’t try something unique?

Fear not if you are running out of ideas to set your Christmas tree up this here. We’ve got plenty!

Traditional Vintage Look

Want to stick to the conventional look of Christmas? Especially if you have some wooden furniture or parquet in your living area, you can give this look a try. Get out those red and silver ribbons and garlands, Pinecone stars and forest creature ornaments to set this look up. To add the special touch, put in some details in plaids using ribbons or wrapping paper. This will keep the look both up to trend and at the same time traditional.

The Look of Collected Memories

Want to do some reflection of how far you and your family have come? Prepare in advance for this theme and bring out all your and your family’s old collected belongings, antiques and photographs. You can include extended family members in this too, especially if they are people whom you miss who are not able to be around. Using all of these items to decorate your tree is going to fill your family’s day with stories of how each item came about. Reminiscing these wonderful memories would be a great start to Christmas.

Feather Christmas Tree

If you love a particular theme, do not hesitate from making it your big look! Feather Christmas trees are growing popular but fear not if you can’t get one for yourself, you can still bring the theme alive to your tree by adding the right decorations. Pair it along with sparkling jewel-like ornaments with a big ribbon at the top of the tree. You can even add tiny bird decorations in light colours like white and blues to bring in a very natural look.

Green and Gold Christmas

Looking for a colour theme but reluctant to stick to the typical red and white? Try a green and gold Christmas tree theme. Add in some glowing gold lights, ornaments with the enriching green from your Christmas tree’s foliage and garlands. You can even get your kids at home to come up with DIY green garlands to support this look! Top it off with a big golden and glittery bow or a star to place on top your tree to complete it.

Cotton Candy Pink Look

Have little girls at home? Impress them with a Cotton Candy Pink Christmas tree look this year! Get some 3-D paper balls as ornaments, or make them at home with your kids – pick pastel colours in reds and pinks for this and make up some paper balls and bulbs to hang in your tree for a matte cotton candy look. What is going to make this look cuter is adding donut ornaments to hang around the tree and peppermint candy canes stuck around the tree in their green dotted wrapping. Ask your children to feel free to pluck the candy canes for a treat on Christmas day!

Kids Theme

Do you want your kids to learn something while decorating your Christmas tree? Go with an all kids theme with cut-outs of Santa Claus, Reindeers, and alphabets for your children to put up around the Christmas tree. Let them spell out their own name and all of their family members’ names around the tree for them to involve some fun and learning. You can also let them come up with their own DIY Christmas projects of what they want to hang on their tree and give them ideas to do so – like making their own Christmas stockings or drawing up a Gingerbread man.

Seaview Theme

Love the beach? Why not try that look for Christmas this year? We are sure it might be quite rainy in Singapore during December, but that does not mean you can’t bring in the beach vibes right to your house! Find some seashells, seahorses and starfish to be the ornaments for your Christmas tree and go with beach colours to dress the tree up. If you truly want to give it a beach feel, set up a mini fence around the tree and fill the bottom of your Christmas tree with some sand to half-bury the presents inside!

Pop Theme

We don’t literally mean the influence of the Pop culture, but we mean to make a colour pop out of your Christmas tree! Some of you might have an accent colour in your house – a strong, bold colour that is nicely highlighted in your main living area. Using this colour to highlight your tree with big bright ornaments of the same colour would make your Christmas tree fit right in with ease. Especially if this colour is something bright and happy like Fuchsia or Turquoise. While doing so, remember to contrast this colour with something of the opposite spectrum in terms of your light and other decorations. For example, bright Fuchsia coloured Christmas bells on your tree contrast beautifully against big white snowflakes.

Jewel Theme

Fan of being fancy? Pick a Jewel theme this Christmas and leave your tree sparkling away with elegance. You can find ornaments which are shaped like Jewels or simply go for sparkling studded balls or glittered decorations to fill your tree. If you want a more classy look, instead of twining just a Christmas light around your tree, get a satin ribbon to go around as well. Choose colours like light shades of Royal Blue or Reds for your ribbon and the look will definitely be complete.

Photograph Tagged Christmas Tree

Christmas is full of wonderful memories so why not bring that a step further to your Christmas tree itself? You can get DIY photograph ornaments printed out which are Polaroid photograph-looking ornaments that hang beautifully from your tree. You can customise if you want these to be made in colour, sepia or black and white to suit your liking. Feel free to pick photographs from decades ago to recent ones and change the colour tones accordingly to have some fun. Again, this is also going to be a Christmas filled with memories and plenty of story-telling!

Metallic Christmas Theme

Want to go all sparkly to catch your guests’ eyes? Add nothing but metallic colours to your Christmas tree. Stick to golds and silvers and be generous on adding those tiny to large ornaments to fill your Christmas tree, along with plenty of stars, balls and metallic garlands. Our favourite trick is to lay down all the ornaments and then take a glitter paint spray to snow the glitter all over your tree so that even the foliage gets a fair share of the sparkle!

Paper Stars Theme

Thinking of using a Christmas tree at work or school? Try this idea! Hand a paper star to all your colleagues or students and let them write their own Christmas message, draw, or say what they are thankful about. And use this as the main form of decoration for your Christmas tree! Print these stars in big bright coloured paper and have your colleagues and students cut them out with you. This might end up as a great bonding time as well as a warm chit-chat session after reading everyone’s Christmas messages on the tree on the big day.

We hope these are enough ideas to get you going. Of course, this list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to work on these ideas as a foundation to come up with your own unique theme!

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