Where to buy Christmas Trees in Singapore?

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The tradition of putting a tree up during Christmas started in the 16th century. Christmas trees are evergreens, and they represented everlastingness and good luck in medieval times.

 It is widely thought that the practice of bringing evergreen conifer trees into the house and decorating them for Christmas was popularized by Martin Luther, one of the founders of Protestant Christianity.  He apparently brought in a tree from a nearby forest, and his family decorated it with candles. 

After that, the practice spread all over Germany and onwards to Europe.Today, people all over the world put up evergreen conifer trees during Christmas. Popular decorations include bells, tiny baubles, fairy lights and a star for the top of the tree. 

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Plastic vs Fresh Christmas Trees in Singapore

In most temperate countries, getting a fresh conifer tree as a Christmas tree is very common. These trees are commonly sold as the winter season approaches. In Singapore however, getting a fresh Christmas tree is something of a challenge.

This is because Singapore is a tropical country, and fresh Christmas trees have to be imported. Due to this, many Singaporeans go for plastic trees. 

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Plastic trees are really convenient and can be reused every Christmas. They’re also easier to clean and don’t leave residues on your floor, and have no risk of attracting bugs or other pests.

However, fresh Christmas trees are becoming popular now too. This is because a live Christmas tree offers unique pine scents that plastic ones don’t have. Additionally, live Christmas trees in Singapore are also eco-friendly and have lower carbon footprint, and are biodegradable. 

Whether you choose to buy a real Christmas tree or a plastic Christmas tree in Singapore, there are many places to get them. Here, we’ve highlighted where to buy cheap Christmas trees in Singapore

5 Places to Buy Your Christmas Tree in Singapore

These places are physical and online stores that provide Christmas tree delivery in Singapore. This makes it convenient and safe in the event that you choose not to leave your home to go shopping for Christmas. 

  1. Masons Home Décor 

Masons Home Décor is a home decoration online store that specializes in furniture, especially solid wood furniture. Most of their designs take after the Scandinavian Hygge themes.

In keeping with this theme, Masons offers hyper realistic Christmas trees, featuring various species of evergreen trees. The trees here are made with FirTECT™ hyper realistic technology that is digitally printed to have a more realistic shade of green. 

The trees are also guaranteed to be 25% more dense than the usual artificial trees available on some e-commerce stores. This means you won’t get any bald patches, and can be assured of thick, leafy trees with plenty of branches to hang your decorations on. Plus, you’ll be able to set up these hyper-realistic trees easily and won’t have to worry about them withering and leaving a mess.

Source: Masons Home Décor 

In addition to trees, you’ll be able to buy LED candles, fairy lights, LED lights, Christmas baubles, tree ribbons, tree toppers and more to decorate your Christmas tree. There are also packages available  to make life easier for you. Packages include a tree of your choice, baubles, a tree topper and lights. 

Among the various tree species available are Alpine trees, Cashmere pine trees, Giant needle pines, Canadian pines and Balsam Firs, among others. Prices start from $14.90 all the way to $499. For orders above $200, Masons offers free delivery anywhere in Singapore. 

Website: https://furniture.mason.com.sg/shop/christmas/christmas-trees/

WhatsApp: + 65 8425 4942 ( Christmas enquiries)
E-mail: [email protected]

Source: Masons Home Décor 

  1. Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel is a home and lifestyle store with a physical outlet at ION Orchard. They carry a wide variety of products, including furniture, decorative items, cookware, dinnerware, gifts and more. 

They have a dedicated section especially for the holiday season, and you’ll be able to find your Christmas tree here. The great thing about Crate and Barrel is that you’ll also find unconventional Christmas trees, like an avant garde Zinc Tree. 

One benefit that Crate and Barrel offers is interior design consultation, whereby you can re-decorate any corner of your home for the holiday season, with their help. However, many of their trees can also be rather pricey, with a mini Christmas tree priced as $135.85.

Website: http://pages.crateandbarrel.com.sg/

Store: 2 Orchard Turn, #04-21/22, Singapore, SG 238801

Opening hours: 10AM-9PM

Source: Crate and Barrel Singapore

  1. Ikea Singapore

Ikea has an enviable selection of imitation trees, which you can order before the Christmas season approaches. They have trees of various sizes, including desktop trees and mini trees. To make matters even more convenient, you can also buy decorative items together with your tree. 

Ikea offers parcel delivery for their trees of up to 30kg, which you can have for just $15. If you’re buying a larger tree that’s heavier than 30kg, you will have to opt for truck delivery for a flat price of $70. Unfortunately, they don’t provide flexible shipping according to weight and distance, and the same rate applies island-wide.

Website: https://www.ikea.com/sg/en/

Outlets: IKEA Alexandra, IKEA Tampines, IKEA Jurong

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday, 10am-9pm; Friday & Saturday, 10am- 11pm

Source: IKEA Singapore

  1. Lazada Singapore

On Lazada Singapore, you’ll be able to find a wide variety of trees, in various sizes and materials. These include table top trees, medium sized trees and full length trees. These trees are mainly artificial trees, and come at very affordable prices. On top of that, you can look forward to cheap delivery rates too, as Lazada usually uses standard delivery services in Singapore. 

The only downside is perhaps that many of these trees may not have the hyper-realism that you might desire,as they’re mainly off brand products. However, Lazada is a good choice for wanting to celebrate Christmas on a budget.


Source: Lazada Singapore

  1. Far East Flora

Far East Flora is one Singapore Christmas tree shop that sells live Christmas trees. You will be able to pre-order your fresh Christmas tree once the Christmas season draws near. The type of tree they usually bring in is the Noble Fir tree, which is able to withstand Singapore’s warm tropical weather pretty well. 

However, to have a live tree also means not being able to keep it for the next year, as it will eventually decay. This means that you’ll have to buy another tree again next Christmas. 

Fresh trees can also be slightly more challenging to maintain, as their leaves and branches can leave residues on your floor, and be able to attract insects. You’ll have to check on your tree regularly to keep it clean and pretty. 


Far East Flora has plenty of gift sets too. Source: Far East Flora

It’s always a good idea to start planning and budgeting early to beat the last minute Christmas rush. Starting early also means you’ll get the best prices when it comes to Christmas trees in Singapore, so keep your eyes open for when orders open on all the sites on this list.

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