Christmas Traditions In Singapore – Is It The Same As The Rest Of The World?

The month of December screams of a festive season with a couple of holidays arriving back to back. We all know that Christmas is a shared holiday celebrated all around the world and it’s often most of our favourite time of the year! But do we all celebrate it the same way across the world? Definitely not. Our tiny red cosmopolitan nation, of all countries, indeed has a very unique way of celebrating this holiday with people of so many different backgrounds coming together. So what exactly do most Singaporeans do for Christmas?


Feeling the Christmas spirit outdoors

It’s true that Singapore can’t afford to have the classic White Christmas that is usually spoken of during this season, but we certainly make do with what we have to set in the holiday vibes. Shopping malls all over Singapore start decorating as soon as we hit November, which is right now! Soon we are going to start seeing plenty of carollers taking the stage inside shopping malls and at community centres. Main shopping areas like Orchard road is going to be filled with Christmas lights to brighten up our nights ahead. And of course, churches and cathedrals are going to start having their traditional midnight mass sessions for everyone to unwind spiritually as well.

Sounds like we’ve not mentioned the biggest Christmas attraction in Singapore yet… That’s right, the big walk-in Christmas tree outside ION Orchard! For the past few years, this has been an eye-catching Christmas attraction in Singapore and most of us have already fed our hype by visiting this gorgeous and fascinating tree. Embellished with thousands of lights and crystals, this is indeed a treat for the eyes and soul to welcome the Christmas spirit right in time for the occasion.

No doubt, there are plenty of places popping up as we near towards the end of year with beautiful decorations so make sure you bring your camera whenever you head out!


Want to stay indoors?

If you’re not very outdoor-sy and want to stay in with your family during this holidays, there are plenty of things local Singaporeans do in their homes to keep up the Christmas vibes too. There is soon going to be a line up of Christmas special shows and movies across all of our local television channels – this itself will occupy quite a chunk of your time at home. Along with the Christmas feast, family gatherings, Christmas tree and decorations in your house and neighbourhood, you’re going to be in the festive mood even indoors.

Also, it is no Christmas without some good wine. With the alcohol delivery services available islandwide, you wouldn’t need to step out to get wine as well. Not just wine, if you find it a hassle to make a Christmas feast, then just cater one in!


Going for Christmas special events

With Christmas around the corner, there are plenty of special events opening up for ticket sales. These include Christmas countdown parties, mass carolling sessions, plays, and of course Christmas buffets. Siloso beach at Sentosa and Marina Bay have the most talked about countdown parties for Christmas and New Years in Singapore, and it’s one not to miss if you have not been for it before.

We are sure you would have gotten as excited as us when you read Christmas buffet. Make sure you remember to attend at least one of the all-you-can-eat Thanksgiving or gourmet Christmas buffets around to fill your tummy and heart this holidays!   


Christmas gift shopping!

Christmas is indeed the season of giving, and all of us want to find the best and most perfect gifts for our loved ones to smile to every year. Besides the typical stores in shopping malls and Orchard road, Singapore also has plenty of Christmas markets for you to find a good pick as December draws closer. These markets have everything, from gingerbread man cookies, candy canes, Santa hats, Christmas outfits to gorgeous decorations and gifts.


Learning the origins of Christmas

Especially for families with young children, Christmas is a great time to teach and learn about the history of the occasion along with the lessons of the past. For people who visit churches or cathedrals, learning about the origins of Christmas might be slightly easier. If not, many Singaporeans visit the St. Andrew’s Cathedral every year during Christmas season to learn about what the festive holiday is really about. St. Andrew’s Cathedral has many educational displays and prop set-ups to teach the young and old about the significance of Christmas and it’s celebration. There are also open space performances that occur in the same area, with a mini Christmas food market for your pleasure later in the evenings!

Also, holidays are a great time to teach children and learn for ourselves about our heritage in general. Many Singaporeans make use of the free admission to museums under the National Heritage Board during public holidays to learn more about Singapore, Southeast Asia and our roots.

Living in a country so diverse and rich in culture, celebrating Christmas in Singapore would never be something of the norm or boring. There are always new events on the rise, new places to visit and new activities to do especially during the holiday season. Get your friends, family and a notebook to start planning your Christmas itinerary soon to thoroughly enjoy this holiday before 2017 steps foot!

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