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A full and comprehensive kit for terrarium enthusiasts of all levels.

Comes in 3 sizes, each  with a good variety of glass jars, soil, gravel, decorative pieces, plants, succulents, and cacti.

The best part? It comes with illustrated instructions!

Check out our complete guide on how to make your own Terrarium!

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How much is delivery for all DIY terrarium kits?

We have 3 types of delivery. All of our terrariums and every other products are strictly assigned to a delivery type. The delivery categories are ‘Small Item Delivery (S$6.00)’, Big Item Delivery (S$12.00) and ‘Big Van Delivery (S$35.00)’. Almost all terrariums fall under the Small Item Delivery category. You will be able to see the delivery fee at checkout.

Can my DIY terrarium kit be delivered tomorrow to anywhere in Singapore?

Yes. At Masons Home Decor, our fulfilment practice is to perform only next day delivery. The rate of S$6.00 per delivery mentioned in the previous answer refers to an island-wide rate, so it is a double yes!

How long will my terrarium live?

Terrariums are self sustaining habitats and are therefore meant to live forever. However, to enhance and ensure its longevity, a certain degree of maintenance should be in practice. This includes trimming away withering plants, transferring the whole terrarium arrangement into a new jar when it outgrows it, and ensuring it has indirect sunlight, regardless artificial or not.

Getting a terrarium is insincere, how can i make one myself?

You are more than welcome to! You may purchase our DIY terrarium kit. We have a premium version, which is huge, and smaller medium sized versions according to its category (air plant, succulent, leaf plant). All kits include a variety of plants, gravel, and EVERYTHING you need to make a terrarium. An instruction manual is provided, but you could also access the full and detail instructions by clicking here.

I would like to know how to make a more complex terrarium. Is there a terrarium workshop?

Yes we do. For S$28.00 per 90 minute session, we cater to different levels of difficulty. Each session also covers in detail the different available categories of terrariums, be it air plant terrariums, succulent terrariums, closed lid terrariums, and etc.

What are the benefits of having a terrarium?

Terrariums are perfect for those who want a piece of nature in their home or work space, but at the same time do not have much space or time to actually have one. Terrariums are self-sustaining eco-systems that require minimal maintenance, perfect for busy Singaporeans with busy schedules. It is also proven that having a part of nature with you does uplift your moods.

Does Masons Home Decor do customisation?

Of course! We would not be able to regard ourselves as experts otherwise. Simple drop us a call at +65 6282 2815, or e-mail at [email protected], and we will get back to you within 1 working day.


How to Care for Terrarium?

How often should you care for your terrarium? Being a self sustaining ecosystem itself, terrariums are generally low maintenance. However, they still should not be totally neglected!

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