Terrarium Plants According to Your Personality!

This week, we bring to you… the ultimate guide of choosing a plant suited for yourself!

  1. The Uncommitted Gardener- THE AIRPLANT

The Uncommitted Gardener doesn’t want any fuss, and minimal maintenance- even better still if ZERO maintenance! Are you the Uncommitted Gardener? The airplant is the ONE for you! There is no soil involved and you do not have to water the plant with Singapore’s humid atmosphere- what could get better than this?


2. The Tough No-nonsense Gardener- THE CACTUS

Step out of my way everyone! The Tough, No-nonsense Gardener is extremely frank and may – prick-  someone if he/she has no tact. The CACTUS is for those who love bold statement pieces- nothing says it better than a tough, prickly cactus!


3. The Hipster Gardener- THE ICOSAHEDRON  

Are you one who keeps up with the trends and always has the hippiest things in your house? Bring on the ICOSAHEDRON TERRARIUMS! These jars and pots are in different geometric shapes, and brings about an elegant vibe in your house. They come in glass and cement respectively, and you will never be bored of looking at your terrarium from many different angles!


4. The Decor Enthusiast- THE HANGING TERRARIUM

Potted, stationary plants may seem boring for the decor enthusiast who constantly looks for unique pieces to show off to his/ her guests. Introducing the HANGING TERRARIUM- they are great beside the window and the glass jars reflect the natural light in really beautiful way!


5. The Serious Gardener- THE HUGE BELL JAR

Move aside little terrariums- this is the QUEEN of all terrariums! The BELL JAR terrarium is the perfect centrepiece for your living room and will be the talking point of all your guests! What’s more, it’s easy to maintain- the minigarden has its own enclosed ecosystem and you will not have to water it!

Which one suits you the best? ◡̈ Get a little plant to accompany you now!

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