Terrarium Maintenance Tips – 3 Simple Ways

Here are 3 simple ways to ensure the longevity and prolonged beauty of your beautiful terrarium. Whether or not your terrarium has been bought from Masons Home Decor, all terrariums may require a tiny bit of maintenance. Some that consist of mostly hardy plants will definitely require less, but those which are home to leafy plants would certainly require more care – especially if they are open jar terrariums!


Exposure to Light

terrarium exposure to lights masons home decor
terrarium exposure to lights masons home decor. credits: air plant design studio

Although lighting is required for your terrarium to survive and grow healthily, direct sunlight should always be avoided. Indirect lighting in the form of artificial florescent lights or indirect sunlight is perfect pertaining to the lighting requirement of a terrarium. That being said, putting your terrarium on your office desk, a table your bedroom window, or even your toilet, would be amazingly perfect.



terrarium dropper masons home decor
terrarium dropper – masons home decor

For Closed Jar Terrariums: A dropper, tablespoon, or a straw is your terrariums best friend when it comes to watering. Just like all living things, terrariums need water too. Excessive amounts of water should never be used to water your terrarium. Pouring water on the surface of the gravel or soil is also considered to be undesirable. The water should come into direct contact with the roots of the plants and succulents as quickly as possible. A great gauge would be somewhere between two to five table spoons of water. For smaller terrariums such as single terrariums in a small bowl, 1.5 tea spoons of water is sufficient. You may increase the amount of water proportionately to the size of the terrarium. In a Closed Jar Terrarium, evaporation is minimal and condensation constantly occurs. Watering should only be performed when the inner surface of the jar seems to be dry. Should the condensation be too heavy (if you see too many water droplets), remove the lid and allow the condensation to clear up a little. Most usually, Closed Jar Terrariums only need to be watered once a month.

For Open Jar Terrariums (most common): Open Jar Terrariums are the most popular terrarium product among consumers. However, unlike Closed Jar Terrariums, the process of evaporation is far more evident. Than being said watering is required twice a week, especially when the surface of the soil and gravel seems to be too dry. Your plants will start to wither without sufficient water. Water it using the same method as explained above.



trimming plants - masons home decor
trimming plants – masons home decor

A very important task in maintaining your terrarium. Over time, the plants in your terrarium are expected to grow. We highly recommend that you shift your plants to a bigger home when that day arrives. Having the roots and plants too cluttered is undesirable with regards to the healthy growth and sustainability of a terrarium. It would result and the quick degeneration of plants. Whenever this occurs, the dead leaves or plants should be removed immediately. Not only does this allow your terrarium to look neat and pretty, but it also prevents decomposition which may inevitably contaminate the nutrients beneath the soil. If the leaves are growing way too fast but the jar of the terrarium need not be changed yet, you can always prune the plants by cutting the leaves with a pair of scissors.


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