9 IDEAS: Spruce Up Your Home with Less Than $50

Umbra Prism Frame Concept

Are you expecting guests over the weekend? Are you bored of seeing the same arrangement in your house? Want to interest your guests but not break the bank? Fret not, we have 11 IDEAS for you to spruce up your home easily for under $50!

1. Photo frame with pictures of loved ones

Sturdy Light Brown Wooden Frame with Glass, sold here

Sturdy Walnut Wooden Frame with Glass, sold here

Photo frames are a must in every household. They give touches of familiarity to your home, and are a sign of warmth and comfort when you display happy memories of you and your loved ones around! It is extremely important for you to choose the perfect photo frame for your house. Are you one who loves vibrant colours? A bright acrylic photo frame might be the one for you! However, if you are looking for a minimalistic feel, or an elegant finish, it might be wise to opt for a trusty wooden photo frame. For the ones seeking excitement and change- a digital photo frame may be the one for you! A constantly changing slideshow of photos will definitely be in the centre of attention during any parties! At Mason, we spoil you for choice by providing a wide variety of photo frames for you to choose from.

2. Rugs

A huge statement rug right smack in the middle of your room definitely adds character to it! In addition to different designs, you can experiment with rugs of different textures! Think drinking a cup of hot chocolate while resting on a  fluffy, comfy rug on a stormy night…that’s our kind of cosy! Rugs come in different sizes as well. If you’re an adventurous soul, you may opt for an asymmetrical rug- if you’re looking for a conservative and elegant rug, a rectangular or oval shaped one sounds about right!

3. Candles

Candles add a pretty glow to your house, and the element of a flickering light is an exciting one! Candle holders come in many forms, to simple coloured cups (which you can DIY as well!), to elaborate and sophisticated looking candle holders fit for a ballroom! Scented candles add a whole new dimension to intrigue your sense of smell too- they are bound to captivate your guests!

4. Terrarium

For the busy bees who don’t have the opportunity to venture out often- why not bring a garden to you instead? Be it a open or closed terrarium, this mini garden is a feast for the eyes when you are bored! These are extremely easy to maintain as well- a closed terrarium may only require slight watering for up to once a week! Choose your favourite plants from a great range- leafy, succulent, cacti- it is extremely easy to customise your very own terrarium with an affordable Mason DIY Terrarium Kit!

View our terrariums here!

Feeling creative? Opt for a special DIY kit that you can customise as a fun activity with your loved ones! 🙂

5. Planters

Concrete planters are for those who are looking for absolutely fuss free options! The icosahedron concrete planter has come into trend recently, lauded for their minimalistic and clean feel they lend to any home or office! These multifaceted pots reflect light off their sides, and are definitely a silent eyecatcher!

Minimalistic Icosahedron Planter: View them here!

6. Cushions

Sofas are usually in safe colours- black, brown, grey, cream… Opt for some cushions to add a splash of colour to your home!

7. Wall Decal

Sick and tired of mono coloured walls that have been there for years? Decals are extremely affordable and smart options- not only do they not take up unnecessary space and are extremely easy to be removed, they can be very elegant as well! All you have to do is opt for your favourite design- even the application process is extremely easy!

8. Fairy Lights

This is an option that has become rapidly popular over the years! Almost every hipster/ popular Instagram influencer must have it, along with polaroids of their favourite memories! Jokes aside, fairy lights light up your life (literally) by casting a nice glow in a dark room- perfect for you to sit by your bedside and reminisce old memories!

9. Lamps

Light is a necessity in any place. It doesn’t have to come in the form of fluorescent tubes- why not opt for a quirky or elegant lamp that can make for a statement piece in your house, and yet serve its purpose?

Sprucing up your house has never been so easy and affordable- Follow your heart and choose your favourite decor pieces!

With Love,

All of us at Masons!

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