A Near Revolutionary Product – Concrete Table Planters

Revolutionary products do not get released everyday. Something revolutionary is always referred to as something that can cause a monumental change to society. Currently, we are wondering if the Concrete Pot series of Masons Home Decor is that very item.

Just 2 days after being uploaded for sale at furniture.mason.com.sg, Masons Home Decor has sold close to 380 pots. While this amount might not be regarded as ‘revolutionary’ to most (especially the bigger home decor retailers), this is certainly remarkable for a relatively smaller company.

Carved to perfection, these concrete pots come in many unique shapes. Some may call it icosahedron, some may refer to it as geometric, while most would just reckon it is unique.

These unique pots is said to serve as a tool of identity to a certain style and character. When it comes to design, it has come to an understanding that the ‘industrial look’ is currently in trend. That being said, should we be surprised at what a hit these pots have been over just 2 days of sales?

Unlike most traders and retailers, these pots are not simple imported by Masons Home Decor for resale. They have been specially designed by its internal talented design team. Now, let us take a look at just some of the beautiful creations below!



IKI Concrete Pot by Masons Home Decor
IKI Concrete Pot by Masons Home Decor

The IKI has a total of 15 sides (including the top). With a sizeable infill, most medium sized succulent or cactus may be fitted to it. The IKI can stand on any side which offers a variety of application to the end user. Not a bad thing to be greeted by in the office every morning!




Inspired by the term, ‘Creative Concrete’, CREACON was invented. Three small cubed concrete pots on a concrete tray. This piece was originally (later improved internally) designed by our Senior Product Designer, Marc Lim. Aimed to allow the option of variety within a single setting, the CREACON has been seeing initial customers come back for more.




This small heavyweight (literally) has no issue in transforming a space. Weighing in at 790 g, its density is truly admirable. Made to fit into corners, it has come to our knowledge that the CEMENTO has been used mostly in the application of toilets and kitchens. However, it comes at a really steep rate of S$59.90 (After discount, S$41.93). The most expensive Concrete Pot of Masons Home Decor, yet.


For More

Well of course this isn’t all! For more amazing Concrete Pots, you can view them by clicking here!

We hope you have enjoyed viewing these products as much as we have enjoyed designing them. Purchase may also be done via the link above.

Thank you!

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