The History of Christmas Trees!

The Christmas Tree is also known as the Evergreen Fir Tree. An Evergreen is referred to as a living plant that has the ability to bear leaves throughout one whole year. Other categories of plants or trees may shed their leaves during certain seasons. Because an Evergreen could bear leaves even during winter, it often was used as a symbol for longevity.

Christmas Trees had many different purposes across various cultures. Some cultures had the belief that if it was placed at the doorstep of their home, it would ward off evil spiritual beings. Some used it to usher in the new season of Spring, some used it as a pure tool to decorate, while some saw it as a sign of everlasting life.

Christians and Non-Christians have used this beautiful tree to celebrate the Christmas festive season for thousands of years. It is believed that the tradition of setting up Christmas Trees in homes began in Germany in the 16th century. Martin Luther, a German preacher and protestant reformer was believed to be the first person to bring a Christmas Tree into a home! The story has it that he felt it was a beautiful sight to see twinkling stars above the evergreens. He then decided to decorate an Evergreen with lights, according to his imagination!

The trend spread around Europe for a bit and finally moved to another continent. It is believed that this tradition reached American shores in the soon after. The Americans however, were not very in favour of this tradition. Most of them felt that it was mockery because many Non-Christians were doing it and they could not find the connection between the tree and a religious festival. In 1659, it was made an offence to hang decorations. This poor acceptance of Christmas Trees started to overturn when more German began migrating to America.

German business owners began selling Christmas Trees, ornaments, and other decorative items. It did not take long for the Americans to develop a liking for this tradition. The Christmas Trees were even manufactured to accommodate to the preferences of the Americans. In the 20th century, after electricity was invented, Christmas Lights was invented. This was when Christmas Trees began to be used commercially.

Today, Christmas Trees can be seen all over the world! In Singapore, Christmas Trees and decorations are being set up earlier after each year, and being taken down later after each time! One would notice them being set up in malls as early as the start of November, and probably taken down to make way for the Lunar New Year in January.

Artificial Christmas Trees are generally more popular in Singapore because of many differentiating factors. The biggest reason to own an artificial Christmas tree would be the unsuitable temperate climate. It is pretty much a gamble to purchase a real life tree, as it has been known that most do not even last a few days!

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