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The first step to ensuring your family experiences a magical Christmas from home is to obviously get a Christmas Tree. But first, you need to know where would be the best location to place it!

  • Ensure that it is going to be at the greatest focal point of your home. You would want it to be the greatest feature of your home for the season. Do not choose a hidden corner whereby it would only be seen at a certain part of your house!
  • Measure your ceiling. Most ceiling heights in Singapore are about 2.4 metres and a popular Christmas Tree height is either 1.5 metres and 1.8 metres. Trees are usually produced in feet as the unit of measurement. A tree with the height just 20 to 30 centimetres below the ceiling would look really elegant.
  • Check out the surrounding space. No one likes a scarce looking or skinny Christmas Tree. Ensure that the chosen area is not too cluttered!
  • Make sure that there is a power point that can be concealed at the area you plan to set up your Christmas Tree. Christmas Lights (string lights) are a must in every tree! But if there are going to be any exposed wires, the whole façade may look a little make shift.

Choosing Your Tree (for Real Trees)

  • When you are with your tree, the first trees you target should be the greenest ones. Tree slowly turn brown as they lose their freshness.
  • When you have shortlisted a tree, run your fingers along the needles. Minimal needles should fall off if the tree is fresh. Should too many fall off, the tree is highly unlikely to make it past the 12 days of Christmas.
  • Smell your hand after you have brushed through the needles. If you do not realise a fine scent, it is unlikely the tree is fresh too.
  • Check out the base of the tree to ensure that there is a free height of at least 15 to 20 centimetres. After which, ensure your tree would be able to fit into the tree stand. If you have to trim the sides just so it would be thin enough to enter the tree stand, the chances of tree lasting long would be really low. Trimming the bark causes the tree to not be able to absorb water like it should.

Choosing Your Tree (for Artificial Trees)

  • Ensure that the branches of your tree are attached to the trunk. The Artificial Christmas Trees that are of lower quality and do not last more than a Christmas often have the branches hooked to the trunk. Branches that are hinged to the trunk gives you the security that the tree is manufactured well and it would always keep its amazing shape.
  • Request for real life images from the online site that you are buying from and verify that the Artificial Christmas Tree looks dense. Many a times, images are edited really well and they often deceive customers. That is certainly no way to prevent for Christmas!

Important Points to Note for Live Christmas Trees:

  • The moment they reach your home, feed it with as much water as possible. Do not decorate them yet. The branches will open up within a few hours. Once they are fully ‘bloomed’, that is the time to begin decorations!

Important Points to Note for ALL Christmas Trees:

When buying lights, here is a good gauge on how much to buy:

5 foot tree – 20 metres

6 foot tree – 40 metres

7 foot tree – 60 metres


We hope you have enjoyed this article! Thank you so much for reading this. Stay tuned for more interesting facts about Christmas Trees!




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