A Study on What Singaporeans Spend for Christmas – The TOP 5 Things You Need!

Christmas is around the corner! Apart from spending more on others in the form of presents, a survey from Floral Garage Singapore (Fig 1.0) on 200 random individuals has shown that consumers are beginning to spend a lot more on themselves!

This increase in spending have been thought by us to be on expensive clothes and fashion accessories to look good at parties or events. However, we were not totally correct.




Do you know another personal component that consumers have been spending big on? (Fig 2.0 is a separate survey that was taken by 322 random respondents)






Christmas occurs only once a year. Despite it being a Christian festival, it is now celebrated and acknowledged by both Christians and non-Christians alike.

While there may be no religious meaning for the non-Christians, the festive season is used as an excellent way to reconnect with friends old and new, put a mark on the holiday season, and also to end of the year on a fantastic note.
It is obvious to note that commercial decorations are being set up earlier every year and promotions are beginning to end much later than previous years.
Some of the respondents we called had chosen the option of ‘Ownself’ in survey Fig 1.0 and ‘Home Decorations’ in Fig 2.0. It has become apparent that their choices were based on the following:

  • To create an atmosphere. More people in social groups are taking turns to open up their houses for gatherings for the week building up to Christmas and the week after.
  • To feel house proud. They claim that they receive more compliments because of a beautifully decorated house as compared to wearing something branded for other parties (most cite that it is an unsaid requirement to dress well and ‘they all look the same’)
  • Family time. The Christmas period is a time many parents clear their untaken leaves to rest and spend more time with family. Most feel getting the whole family to beautify the home is a meaningful and cohesive activity.


Now that we have some statistics on how consumers spend, we’d like to share our research with you. We have generated a list of the 5 items you MUST HAVE to create an amazing festive atmosphere for your home this Christmas!
Here’s what you need!


1.) Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree


There are mainly 2 different types of Artificial Christmas Trees in the market. The Traditional Christmas Tree and the Realistic Christmas Tree.
The Traditional Christmas Tree has been more common with Singaporeans because it provides a fuller and ‘more complete effect’ due to it being more dense.


2.) Baubles



What’s a tree without baubles? We truly believe that the type of baubles you purchase say a lot about your personality!
It is difficult to make a conclusion on which is more popular, but it is safe to say that those who choose the ones with patterned designs have a great eye for detail!


3.) Lights

Christmas Lights


You do not need a huge home or a Christmas Tree to effectively use Christmas Lights as part of your decorations!

With battery operated string lights, you now have the freedom to light up different areas of your home (especially when the source of power is far away).
If you do have something like a balcony, we think it is time to let your creativity run wild!


4.) Wreaths



Often the reason of the first compliment you receive! When there is a wreath, people often know that there is a party!


5.) Christmas Stockings


While we know presents are not going to magically appear, choosing the right type of Christmas Stockings can complement to the overall Christmas feel of your home! Some say, it is truly magical.



Thank you for reading! That is all we have for you today, stay tuned for our next article!

If you have any anything to add to this list, or have opinions to our findings, feel free to share it in the comments section below!






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