How To Make Your Own Bean Bag

Loving Bean Bags

Bean bags have been patronised and love by human-beings even before civilisation began. Be it in Singapore or all around the world, bean bags are commonly used today not only in homes, but in working spaces too. Given its easy mobility and the availability in a huge variety of shapes, designs, textures, colours, and sizes, it is not difficult to understand why bean bags face an increasing surge in popularity. Bean bags are also popular with individuals of all ages and sizes. A child would definitely fall in love with a cute looking bean bag, and his or her grandparent would easily fall in love with a comfortable one.

Bean bags are easily available online. Most consumers however, find that bean bags are too expensive. Well, this is where we come in! While Masons Home Decor is known to being the home to the best and most affordable bean bags in Singapore, we are also known to be generous in some ways. Here are easy steps on how to make your very own bean bag! The best part? You would only require less than one hour.

Making Your Own Bean Bag

images and idea credits: PROJECTNURSERY.COM

What you will need:

  • 2 pieces of fabric, each is to be at least 120 x 120 cm in size
  • one zipper, at least 55 cm in length
  • 3 bags of 1 kg bean bag filling


Step 1

The 2 fabrics that you have chosen may be of alternate designs to achieve a contrasting double tone look. For this approach, the part of your finished bean bag that you sit on can be reversed. If you prefer something more homogeneous, it is fine to use the same type of fabric. Cut both sheets of fabric to a dimension of 114.3 x 81.28 cm (45 x 32 inches)

Step 2

On the long edges of the fabrics, stitch them in a zigzag manner. Reinforce the lining with a straight stitch. Use a good quality thread and keep your stitch gap small, or as small as possible, to eliminate any chance of your finished bean bag tearing.

Step 3

Put both fabrics (the sewn edges should touch each other) together and fold down one corner down.

Step 4

Remove 6 inches of fabric, following what you have folded. Cut along the lines cleanly.

Step 5

Open the fabric out flatly. You should achieve a butterfly effect. Sew shut the curved edge. Again, zigzag sew the edge and reinforce it with a straight stitch using the same method as you have done before.

Step 6

Now, there should be only one part of the bean bag that is not sewn. Open it sideways as shown in the image above.

Step 7

Sew zipper along the opening that is not sewn. Looking at your picture, you are going to sew it along the visible edge of the bean bag. Therefore, you may want to use a similar coloured thread and a transparent zipper.

Step 8

Turn your fabric inside out and fill them up with the bean bag filling. As mentioned in our other articles, one person should hold the bean bag open, and another person should carefully and slowly pour the EPS refill until it is full. Fill it up, zip it up, and there you have it, your very own home made DIY bean bag!

Reverse it!

Feel free to have your bean bag reversed whenever you feel bored of its existing cover. A bean bag you make yourself can be given as a gift to a significant other. This is gift is bound to be highly sentimental and whoever you make it for will be sure to snuggle in it every night and bring it to every corner of the home.

Do note however, the Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) bean bag filling is about 3 to 5 mm per bead and may pose as a choking hazard if not properly handled by children. Adult supervision is always necessary.

thank you!

We hope you have enjoyed today’s guide on how to make your very own bean bag chair! Do share this if you have enjoyed what you have read. Now is the time for you to grab your friends and family together to start making your own themed bean bags!

Till next time!


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