A Bean Bag’s Benefit to Your Back

A stylish solution for back pain sufferers


The bean bag, a style icon from the seventies, has come back into fashion. It’s a cool and comfortable piece of furniture to have in your home, but the latest news is that is also good for your health. If you are one of the many people who suffer from back pain, you will be delighted to know that the ergonomic design of the bean bag can help you.


Bean bags were launched in Italy between the seventies and the eighties. An Italian company called Zanotta produced the first bag. Three designers who were working on a project for designing experimental ergonomic furniture. They were trying to make a chair that would respond to a body’s movement. The designers saw how the staff were coming back looking relaxed and refreshed from their coffee breaks.


When they saw their staff sitting right inside bags filled with styrofoam balls, they realized that they had found their design. The bean bag was born. The first one was a pear-shaped leather bag called Sacco, Italian for a sack. This amazing new chair fitted to each individual body shape. It allowed people to sit in any position they wanted to with ease and comfort. It became fashionable and an icon of casual living.


Even today the original Sacco bean bag is still in production. But the bean bag is so popular that there are now many other producers as well as a variety of shapes available. There are indoor and outdoor bean bags and even small sizes for babies and children. Recently its added health benefits, especially for back pain sufferers are coming to light.



Back pain: It affects almost everyone


According to the figures, many thousands of people all over the world experience back pain at any given moment. Unfortunately, more than half of all working adults will experience back pain at least once every year. Many adults and increasingly more children are seated for extended periods of time in front of a computer or a TV.


Some back pains can come from a medical condition or illness but most are from bad mechanics, which means bad postural habits. We tend to stand badly and sit hunched over, to peer into a telephone or computer screen. At the end of the day when we need to relax out all those kinks on the sofa, we might find ourselves in pain.


Sitting down on a hard sofa at the end of a workday can be the moment when you take notice of a backache. This happens because the sofa often doesn’t actually give you enough support to relax. After your spine has gone the whole day without any support you need to be able to relax your skeletal system.


But traditional furniture is stationary so that when you sit on it, rather than the sofa adapting to your shape, your body has to adapt to its shape. Even a well-structured expensive couch could skew your natural posture. The humble bean bag could be the answer. This wonderful piece of furniture molds itself around the body and sustains and supports it.



Try a bean bag: Bean bag furniture is recommended for those with back pain


A good bean bag will be filled with shredded memory foam and it will fit around you and support your body. You can sprawl on a bean bag and it will let you relax your body without deforming your posture. A properly filled bean bag will support the body in its natural position. It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, the bean bag will form a shape around you to give you support without twisting or contortion.


An ergonomic support will help to reduce tension pain and minimize the risk of injuries. Having your furniture support you on what position you are in will ensure that no parts of the body are affected by undue stress. While some of the best tips for reducing back pain are walking regularly and taking a good stretch every now and then, bean bag chairs come highly recommended for problems caused by poor posture.


The posture matters


Maintaining proper posture improves your physical health. The bean bag will you hold your body in a correct posture over long lengths of time. Sitting in a bean bag will actually have an impact on how you sit. A large bean bag will cushion the whole body consistently supporting most parts of it. A bean bag will take the pressure off the lower spine, hips, buttocks and sciatic nerve.


A lot of people might consider bean bags as a nostalgic throwback to a past era but they are amazingly comfortable as well as therapeutic. Some schools and offices looking at adopting alternative seating, are now taking them under consideration. Bean bag chairs are affordable and look attractive both in the home and outdoors. As an ergonomic chair designed with the human body in mind the bean bag could be the seating of the future.


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