All bean bags are delivered filled with premium RecoFlex® beans!

The Cocoon™ Bean Bag

Fusing Comfort with Fun and Interior Beauty, the Italian Way

“After trying bean bags from 6 brands, we’ve deemed this bean bag (Cocoon Bean Bag) as the Most Comfortable Bean Bag in Singapore”

  • Made with a Blend of Synthetic and Natural Threads for the Best of Both World’s
  • Soft, Comfortable, and Breathable
  • Durable, Stain Resistant, and Odour Repelling
  • Comes with Premium RecoFlex® Filling for Ultimate Comfort

The Cocoon™ vs Imitation Bean Bags

cocoon bean bag
  • Size: Our 100×120 cm size is an absolute size as compared to those sold in the mass market which are much smaller as seen in the image.
  • Material: We concoct our own hybrid fabrics so that you enjoy maximum comfort, high durability, and enjoy easy maintenance.
  • Powered by Recoflex Bean Bag refills, we guarantee a type of ergonomic comfort never felt before.

RecoFlex®: Award-Winning Bean Bag Filling Formula

Adopted from a Norwegian formula, we have locally developed an evolved version of the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Bean Bag Filling. Engineered to promise comfort and longevity, you can know enjoy the advantages of EPS without having to deal with any of its disadvantages.

  • Long Lasting
  • Shape Regaining Properties After Intense Pressure Applied
  • Odourless
  • Soft and Bouncy for Maximum Comfort
  • Heat Dissipating
  • Higher Density Resulting in Ergonomic Properties Arguably Beating the Properties of Gel Infused Memory Foam

About Bean Bag Filling

Before the inception of RecoFlex bean bag filling, generic expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has been known to be the preferred refill option among most bean bag users, especially in Singapore.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) bean bag refill by masons home decor singapore

Before the inception of RecoFlex bean bag filling, generic expanded Polystyrene (EPS) has been known to be the preferred refill option among most bean bag users, especially in Singapore.


However, what is the difference between all the options? Are EPS indeed the best? Find out everything you need to know about bean bag refills with Masons Home Decor today!

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Premium Hybrid Performance Fabric

cocoon bean bag fabric

Our technological fabrics boast a thick weave with a subtle texture. Mixed with a concocted blend of linen and polyester, we have managed to create a fabric that is lightweight, suitable for heavy duty usage, stain resistant, extremely comfortable, and breathable. It is worth noting that we warn all customers that a short snuggle is never enough!


  • Lasts almost a lifetime
  • Free from smells
  • Easy maintenance
  • Perfect to touch

Sensational Cubo, Made for Japanese Homes

grey cubo bean bag by masons home decor singapore

At only S$59.90, this cube shaped bean bag is a must have for all homes with space constraints.


Despite being only 65 x 65 x 43 cm, the Cubo has great ability to provide holistic comfort to your body with its soft nature.


Available in so many colours, be spoilt for choice with the Cubo today!

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choosing the right bean bag


The first thing you should do to help yourself select the most suitable bean bag for yourself is to determine the size of the bean bag that you should be getting.

If you bean bag is going to be situated at just one corner of your home, measure the length and breath of the area. Then, deduct 20 centimetres off the length and the breadth because your bean bag will inevitably expand in size when you sit on it from its top.

Then, check out the sizing chart below to see if the the size that you have measured can cater to your body type and comfort requirements.


Volume of


Users Body Weight


120 x 100 cm

2.5 kg /

175 litres

Above 60 kg


80 x 90 cm

2 kg /

140 litres

Above 60 kg


60 x 50 cm

1.5 kg /

105 litres

Below 30 kg

STEP 2: Choosing the Right Material

Should you have a dog that is not as toilet trained as you wished it would be, we recommend you to get a leather bean bag. Leather bean bags can be easily wiped and dirty liquids cannot penetrate through them. The drawback is that they are not as comfortable as their fabric counterparts, and unlike fabric bean bags, they cannot go for a thorough wash in a washing machine. In Singapore, fabric bean bags are preferred not only for the previously mentioned reasons, but also because most homes are air conditioned. This results in a leather bean bag becoming very cold, and a fabric bean bag being warm and comfortable to snuggle in.

Now that you have been equipped on how to select the best bean bag for your home, check out some of our bestsellers below to see which would suit you best!

pamper yourself

Curva bean bag by Masons Home Decor Singapore

VIP Treatment For Your Body

Before we say anything about the Curva, we have to warn that people who have sat on it have actually refused to get up! Carefully contoured to pamper any body, the Curva has already replaced many couches and sofas in the homes of many! 

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The Havana Pouffe

Traditionally used as a leg rest or a platform to place items on, we have evolved our poufs to be more than a show piece and an item of comfort. Decorate your space with these poufs to enhance its ambience. Sturdy, strong, and easy to maintain.

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bean bag faq with the experts

Why do people even purchase bean bags?

In Singapore, bean bags were traditionally used in homes and work spaces as a tool for comfort. Today, a bean bag is much more than that. At Masons Home Decor, the bean bags are carefully and thoughtfully designed and crafted to not only provide ergonomic comfort, but be a perfect show piece to spruce up the decor of any area. Furthermore, bean bags at Masons Home Decor are light to carry and actually have no real structure. Despite this, they have the characteristics to mould to your body shape to provide you with cushioned support where it matters the most. Through this, the user is bound to experience ultimate relaxation.

Will my bean bag from Masons Home Decor Singapore break? How Gentle must I be?

‘Strength and durability’ is just one of the many attributes of a Masons Home Decor bean bag. It is true that wear and tear is inherent in every single product in the world. However, our bean bags have been tossed and thrown around for years without a single incident of spillage, tearing, or breakage. This is a result of the high quality control standards we have during the production of our fabric bean bag covers. The fabrics used are put through a further strength test to ensure they do not tear that easily. That being said, users are strongly adviced to not deliberately damage the bean bag to test its strength. Treat it with care and it will last you a lifetime.

What will my bean bag consist of? Are the ‘beans’ provided?

All bean bags from Masons Home Decor come filled with ‘beans’. These beans are in the form of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) fillers to ensure your puffy and comfortable bean bag provides you with the much needed comfort.

What is the best refill option for my bean bag?

Click here to learn more about bean bag refills and determine which suits you best!

How often will I have to purchase refill for my bean bag, and how much should I buy?

Bean bag refill in the form of EPS typically last for about 5 to 7 years. However, EPS from Masons Home Decor may last for at least 10 years due to more refined engineering of the EPS beads.

Our bean bag filling is sold in bags of 1 kg.

A 1 kg bag of EPS refill has a capacity of 50 litres (1 litre = 1000 cubic centimetres).

To calculate the volume (how many cubic centimetres) of your bean bag, simply multiply the length, breadth, and height of your bean bag, all in centimetres. For example, if the length is 50 cm, breadth 50 cm, and height 40 cm, 50 x 50 x 40 cm would give you 100000 cubic centimetres. Divide this volume by 1000 to find out how many litres you would need (in this case,100000 divide by 1000, would give us 100 litres).

After which, since 1 kg = 50 litres, divide the above figure by 50 to see how many bags of 1 kg you would need. In the case of this example, it would be 100 divide by 50, to enlighten us that for this example, 2 bags of EPS refill are needed.

I am afraid of product misrepresentation as I have been a victim of such on other online selling platforms. How would I know I can trust the bean bags of Masons Home Decor?

We are customers too and we hate the kind of product misrepresentation easily experienced on selling platforms such as carousell or Qoo10. Uploading a nice picture and fulfilling a different product to the customer is not in our practice and definitely not within our principles. Drop us a what’s app at +65 9618 3746 or e-mail at [email protected] to request for live unedited images taken by a handphone camera. Perhaps, even a video too!

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