15 Places to Visit in Singapore for Chinese New Year 2018!

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Usually, Chinese New Year is a period for seeing old friends, visiting family, eating and snacking. But after you are done with counting ang pows and running from one house to another, what other thing can you do if you don’t want to retire to the all too familiar habit of watching old Jackie Chan movies on television?

Customarily, this is the period when numerous organizations take a break from work to celebrate the New Year. As a result of this, many parents are left scratching their heads about what to do with their restless kids. Therefore, if you are one of these idealess parents looking for entertaining ways to usher in the New Year with your family, then you have come to the right place, fortunately.

In this article, we are going to reveal the best kid-friendly New Year events you and your children can attend in Singapore, so get the kids ready in their finest Chinese-collar shirts or coolest cheongsams and join the celebrations.


  1. Gong SEA Fa Cai at S.E.A. Aquarium

It wouldn’t look like a real Chinese New Year in Singapore without dancing dragons, and this festive season, we have discovered a perfect place for you to watch the dancing dragons. At the S.E.A. Aquarium, your children will really love to join in to reveal nice facts about the great marine life on view.

Pay special attention to the Abalone, the Leafy Sea Dragon, and the Rooster: all according to Chinese culture, are auspicious, and afterward go to the viewing gallery to catch a glimpse of the phenomenal underwater display. You will enjoy live music and see a stunning underwater dragon in this arranged production that will certainly be loved by the whole family.

When: 21 January – 11 February

Where: S.E.A. Aquarium, Resorts World, Sentosa

Cost: From $22 per person.

  1. Chinatown Festive Street Bazaar

With several shops queued up along every street in Chinatown, guests can feast on delicious delicacies then go to different shops to buy a variety of things from waxed duck to traditional goodies! Begin at Pagoda Street for a beautiful feast of lion puppets, paper lanterns and huge paper pineapples. While you are there, remember to pick up a Chinese-collared shirt!

When:  26 January – 15 February

Where: Pagoda Street, Smith Street, Sago Street, Temple Street and Trengganu Street

Cost: Free


  1. Baby Space

If you have a toddler that is within the age of 1 month to 1 year old, then the ideal place to visit during the Chinese New Year is Baby Space, which usually opens from the 12th of January to the 18th of January. Baby Space, a brainchild of Dalija Acin Thelander, is an establishment that provides babies with a sensorial flooded experience. Baby Space offers different creative exhibitions like music, contemporary dance and visual arts.

Also, the environment of Baby Space is usually filled with stimuli that tend to trigger the eagerness or curiosity of your babies, while encouraging exploration and interaction in the meantime. Every show goes on for 35 minutes, and can house just 12 babies and their guardians at the same time.

When: 12 January – 18 January

Where: The Artground

Cost: Tickets are sold at $24 per baby-carer pair



  1. Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Family Funday

The Singapore Chinese Cultural Center is the perfect place to begin the Lunar New Year with your children. Here, you get a chance to educate your children about Singapore’s interesting culture through dance, games, music and drama, and link with them over a bunch of activities like music and theatrical workshops. Also, parents can get a few ukulele skills with their children and dance along to Xinyao songs and Mandarin pop from the 80’s.

When: Every Sunday from Jan 14, 2018

Where: Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

Cost: Prices start from $200 per module for the Ukulele class


  1. Flying Through Time

Tiger, a respectable warrior has crossed space and time from olden Korea to present day Singapore in a bid to avenge the death of his lover, Melly, who was killed by a dangerous villain, Dark X. However, during the time twist, he finds himself at the MerTiger Academy where he meets and falls in love with one of the girls in the cheerleading group of the school. What will eventually happen to this time-travel romantic tale? What’s more, will Tiger prevail with regards to preventing Dark X from creating more ruins in present day? Expect bunches of nail-gnawing tricks, humor, and some local flavour in this movie, which features celebrities such as Melody Low and Joshua Tan. Recommended for children aged four and above.

When: Now until Jan 21, 2018

Where: Resorts World Theatre

Cost: Prices start from $38.




  1. Light to Night Festival

Another exciting place you can visit with your children during the festive season is the Light to Night Festival. Here, you will be astonished by a wide range of colours that will change notable cultural parks and institutions into an innovative canvas with awesome works of arts.

Spreading over seven program zones in the Singapore Civic District, it is said to be the biggest region wide visual, performing arts and literary festival in the whole of Singapore. The small children will be greatly entertained at the different activities and bespoke works such as the immersive colorscapes, illusionary play with mirrors and light projections.

When: 19 January – 28 January

Where: Singapore’s Civic District and Marina Bay

Cost: Free


  1. Stitches of Love – Hidden Blessings in Children’s Clothing and Accessories

If you want your children to learn how to appreciate the little things in life, the Stitches of Love – Hidden Blessings in Children’s Clothing and Accessories exhibition is the perfect place to visit with them. Wirh nearly 100 dresses and accessories from the late Qing to the Republican period on show, children will be thought how these things were bearers of blessings and hope for the children that wore them in the olden Chinese culture.  Some people even have the belief that it shielded them from disaster and misfortune.

When: Till March 4, 2018

Where: Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall

Cost: Free for Singaporeans and permanent residents


  1. Prudential Marina Bay Carnival

The Prudential Marina Bay Carnival, which is often touted as the biggest carnival in Singapore, is an absolute necessity if your children love to go on rides and play funfair games. Featuring a variety of fun rides such as the Shark Coaster, Gallopers carousel, and the Star Flyer, there is something for every member of the family. Children will likewise have a fabulous time at the different game booths, where there are always excellent prizes such as licensed plushies from Pixar, Dreamworks, and Marvel on offer.

When: Now till April 1, 2018

Where: Promontory and Bayfront Event Space

Cost: Free, but there are charges for the rides and game booths which range from $4 to $14.


  1. Chingay Parade

The Chingay Parade, often considered as Singapore’s main public event of the festive season. The Chingay Parade, undoubtedly, is one of the most significant events in Singapore’s festive season and it is during the Chingay Parade you will see streets flooded with dancers, jugglers, acrobats, clowns, and several other entertainers in the euphoria of the festive season.

The parade is originally originated from China, where parades were made to pay tribute to the Lunar New Year for two weeks in readiness for the spring’s arrival. You need to buy tickets to attend the parade and it is held at the F1 Pit Building (beside the Singapore Flyer).

When: 27 and 28 February

Where: The Pit Building

Cost: Ticket is sold at $27


  1. Treasures of the Natural World

On the chance that you have for a long while been itching to visit London’s Natural History historical center, then you shouldn’t miss the latest display from the Artscience museum from the well-known British institution, Treasures of the Natural World.

Boasting more than 200 specimens and artefacts, families will surely have a nice time here. You will go on an exciting journey of discovery from the eighteenth century, through to the modern world. Additionally, there are different intuitive elements fused in each of the five themed displays, for example, craft activities and the multi-sensory cabinet, where children can have a fabulous time while seeing historical and ancient objects.

When: Now until Apr 29, 2018

Where: Artscience Museum

Cost: Tickets start from $9.60 (for kids age two to 12 years old) and $13.60 per adult


  1. Malay Heritage Centre

If you want your children to learn about the history of the Bugis, then the Malay Heritage Centre’s latest exhibition, Sirri na Pesse, is a must-attend for you and your family. Here, Bugis Identities in Singapore will be navigated. Also, your children will get the chance to know more about the lives of many important figures in history, and they will find out more about the Bugus stories, their treasures and family heirloom. After visiting the exhibition, remember to make a stop at the Playeum and spend some time on the Bugis-ship themed installation.

When: Till June 24, 2018

Where: Malay Heritage Centre

Cost: N/A




  1. Maritime Experiential Museum at Resorts World Sentosa

Having undergone 9 months of broad renovation, Maritime Experiential Museum at Resorts World Sentosa has reopened its doors, finally.  With various interactive activities and five new galleries, children will surely have a lot of fun sightseeing the Singapore’s maritime legacy, maritime coin history and a lot more. Remember to look at the 4D multi-sensory experience at the Typhoon Theater, which guarantees to take the children on board a vessel that experiences a scary storm. It is important to know that things will definitely get wet and loud here.

When: From Dec 29, 2017 onwards

Where: Resorts World Sentosa

Cost: $12 per adult, $8 per child from age four to 12, $5 per senior citizen


  1. Istana CNY Open House

The doors of the Istana will be opened for the public on the 17th of February, 2018 and you must not miss this amazing opportunity to visit the most famous home and office in Singapore with your family. You will be greatly entertained here and your children will love the sight of the beautiful green garden.

You and your family will get the chance to take a tour around the main building of the Istana, and if you like, you can also join a walk through the beautiful green garden and you and your kids will get to learn some of the most amazing things in history in this beautiful surrounding.

When: 17 February, 8.30am-6pm

Where: The Istana, Orchard Road, Singapore 238823

Cost: Free admission for Singaporeans and PRs. $2 for everyone else




  1. River Hongbao 2018

The amazing and incredible River Hongbao is back and we are very delighted. It is considered to be one of the most important celebrations of the Chinese New Year and there is no lie in this. It is very big, very colourful and totally filled with family fun. We are talking about stunning performances, a carnival with rides, traditional handicraft stations, game booths and workshops ideal for everybody.

After all the fun,  you can replenish your belly at Food Street where you are going to see sellers aplenty dishing up delicious local delicacies, and then relax and wait in anticipation of the laser shows and fireworks happening every day at 9pm. With loads of fun activities, you and your family will be greatly entertained here, we assure you of that.

When: 4-24 February, 2pm-11pm daily

Where: The Float@Marina Bay, 20 Raffles Avenue, Singapore 039805

Cost: N/A


  1. Circus! Science Under the Big Top Exhibition

It is always very special to go to the circus, but did you know that behind those incredible performances you witness, there is a lot of incredible science. Take your kids to the Circus and let them learn its secrets. You should go behind the scenes and make an exploration of several performances to learn different things about how everything is put together.

When: Until March 18, 2018

Where: Science Centre

Cost: Prices start from $15 per child and $20 per adult


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