What Sets a Family Room Apart from a Living Room?

Home decor is a science and has become an essential part of all our lives.  Every area in your house is designed to have the desired effect on you and the members of your family. Colours, lights, accessories and furniture are the critical components that give your home its ‘feel’. One of the most popular topics of discussion when setting up your home is about the differences between a family room and a living room. As a matter of fact, just trying to figure out the difference between them both can be a daunting task. But first things first though, people tend to use both the terms interchangeably. In reality, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.


Living Room vs Family Room

Your living room is the part of your house that makes a great first impression on anyone who is visiting you. It is the place where you seat your guests and give them a taste of your hospitality. Its purpose is to entertain your guests. It is also the place for formal meetings. These meetings could be anything from a simple get together with your office colleagues to the first meet with your new business partners. Considering the impact that your home can have on your guests, the living room is the most important part of your house. Think of it as the sanctum of impressions.


The family room, on the other hand, is a space in your home that is a tad more informal. It often serves a multi-purpose space. Ideally, the members of the family use it for a variety of different purposes. It mainly serves as an inner sanctum for use only by the members of your family. It is a great place for those family fun times. This is where the television, a great music system, toys and other things that are dear to your family are kept.


These two important spaces of your home are expected to possess different auras. When you scrutinize each one of these rooms for the purpose that they serve in your life, the approach that is required to outfit them with great home decor changes drastically. What this means is, your choice of furniture for both of these rooms depends on the ambiance of their environment. Living rooms must emanate sophistication and flair. They are classy, stylish and more aesthetic oriented. The family room must feel homely and comfortable. The contrasting nature of these two special places of your home means that they need different furniture to achieve their respective desired look and effect.


Categorising by Location

Let us break this down further for a simpler understanding, shall we? What your living room and the family room needs depends on the following key attributes that give them their identity. They are as follows:


  • Location: A living room is at the front! It the first thing that you would come across when you enter your home. Family rooms are located in the interiors space of your house. A living room has a formal tone whereas the family room is where the fun and frolic happens.


  • Ambiance: Soft colors and a cozy feel are what adorn the family room. This is a stark contrast to the sleek and awe-inspiring atmosphere of the living room. Living rooms are always dressed up with grand rugs, a stupendous music system, and showcases. All the mementos that give you and your family a sense of pride reside here.
  • Furniture: A critical aspect of the ambiance of any room, this where the differences between a living room and the family room stand out. Designer furniture gives a living room its charm. Do you remember the best furniture that you have ever come across at someone’s home? Chances are that it was their living room that made this lasting impression on you. But this doesn’t mean that family rooms are boring by any measure. Since comfort is the ultimate goal of this space, it may not always be so grand in terms of looks. But all the good stuff like soft sofas, a table to kick back and relax and of course bean bags are a part of this room. Bean bags in Singapore are easy to find and is a go-to choice for families that have a youthful approach to their lifestyle.


Getting a better understanding of what your home needs is always an advantage. You can discuss ideas for what your home needs to professionals better, helping you get the best out of the experience. There are numerous things that you can do to jazz up the style of your home. Attention to detail always helps you make the best impression. Great impressions are accurate when you get the basics right. What you homes needs is a charm that never fails to soothe your life-related stress. The good home decor is the key to giving your home that charm.


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