How Much Beans is Needed to Fill My Bean Bag? Calculation Made Easy

how much beads to use - bean bag refill by masons home decor

The Bittersweet Reality

Getting your first bean bag is always a great joy. It is even more joyous when your bean bag stays with you for a really long time despite frequent usage. Most users bring their bean bags to every part of the home simply because they have developed such a great bond with it. So, when does the bitterness begin?

It is an inevitable fact that all bean bags have to be refilled after a period of time. It could be 5, 8, or even 10 years for most cases. Whatever the case, we need to know how much to buy. Making a an extra trip to the mall or paying an extra set of delivery charges is something we Singaporeans never want to do, especially with prices of almost everything increasing so quickly.

The good news for you is that we at Masons Home Decor have come up with a detailed step by step guide to ensure that you will know how much bean bag refill to purchase even if your bean bag is not from Masons Home Decor, or even if you do not intend to purchase your refill from us!

calculating the volume

We have to begin first by calculating the volume of our bean bag. All we need are its length, breadth, and height. It is a must to convert all unit of measurement to centimetres. In this example that we are using to aid easy understanding today, the dimensions are 65 (length) x 65 (breadth) x 43 cm (height) cm. Multiplying all of them together would give us 181,675 cm3  (cubic centimetres).

understanding the conversion

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) bean bag refill (the most popular option in Singapore) are usually sold in bags of 1 kg. Should the store you wish to go to sell them in a different denomination, do not worry as it does not matter. In this example, we will be take it that the bags are sold per kilogram (1 kg = 1 bag).

1 kg of EPS is typically equivalent to capacity amounting 50 to 60 litres. We shall use 50 litres as a gauge to be conservative.

We also have to know that 1 litre is equivalent to 1000 cm

Just a recap of the above 3 paragraphs, here is the information we have now:

1 bag = 1 kg = 50 litres

and because 1 litre = 1000 cubic centimetres, 50 litres = 1000 x 50 = 50,000 cm3

So we know now that 1 bag of 1 kg beads is suitable for capacity that is 50,000 cm3

determining how much refill is needed

Now here comes the easy part, which is also the final part. Simply divide the volume of your bean bag by 50,000, so that you can determine how many bags (each 1 kg) you will need.

In our above scenario, we would need to calculate:

181,675 / 50,000 = 3.6335 bags

Always round up the value. Therefore, it is extremely safe to say that we need 4 bags of 1 kg bean bag refill to comfortably fill up the Cubo Bean Bag by Masons Home Decor!

bean bag refill by masons home decor singapore

EPS Refill

Distributors in Singapore usually package their EPS bean bag refill in bags of 1 kg.

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