Planning for a Full Party Below S$60!

It’s your 21st birthday and you’re ready to organise the party of your life time! Dreaming about a huge elaborate party that everyone loves- until you realise the sheer cost of a party. Bunting, photobooth backdrops, food to feed your bunch of man-eating friends, music, utensils, balloons- Did i mention the cost of helium? Here we bring to you 10 tips to planning an extremely affordable party, but not get shortchanged at all!

1. DIY IT!

Bunting is easy- cut triangles from a stack of coloured paper that you can easily obtain at any stationery store, punch holes in them and string them up! Pompoms are great fillers too for any space in a huge room and extremely affordable options if you make it yourself. Simply purchase a set of our DIY pompoms HERE. Pull out the paper and arrange them in the fashion you would like- it is extremely simple and anyone can do it. To add more colour to your home and spice up the atmosphere, you can opt for something simple such as funky table cloth- it can immediately transform a boring table into a vibrant and attention grabbing one!


A DIY Pom Pom that is extremely affordable in bulk and easy to make! Get them HERE!

Transformation POMPOM!

A statement table cloth on top of a boring old table!


2. Investing in a ball of string

Helium balloons are extremely elegant and popular choices for parties. However, they are expensive as helium balloons in huge quantities are generally difficult to transport and the novelty of a floating balloon costs too. While this solution does not include helium, we can attempt to simulate helium balloons and preserve the elegance of the party with just a simple hack with a ball of string or tape! Cluster colourful latex balloons (which can be purchased from here) and stick them onto the wall, or hang down from the ceiling to give an illusion of helium balloons floating above your head. To add more colour, attach crepe streamers to the balloons according to your party colour theme and VOILA!


Crepe streamers with balloons- there’s no need for expensive helium!


3. A classy backdrop for peanuts!

Every party is incomplete without a photo backdrop for everyone to take pictures for the sake of memories. It is extremely simple to have an elegant backdrop without breaking the bank- gold and silver foil backdrops are popular choices. Simply purchase the backdrop HERE to solve your photo backdrop difficulties! Another alternative are colourful crepe streamers that offer vibrance to your party and add a colour theme to it!


4. Potluck

Food has proven to be a huge bank breaker for every party. Especially if you are holding a party for a huge group of people or people with voracious appetites- we present to you a whole new option that has an added benefit of creating a huge variety of food options for you and your friends! Simply organise a potluck- make it a rule for everyone bring some food along to the party. It can make for good conversation topics as well if there are fascinating options! A BBQ potluck is even easier when everyone can pop by the nearest supermarket to bring some frozen food to BBQ!  As an alternative to more expensive drinks or even alcohol, you may choose to invest in childhood drinks such as Ribena and canned cocktail which may be welcome by the crowd too!


5. Costume Party and Games!

When all else fails for decorations, a party can always emerge successful if all guests are engaged and interested! Hold a themed costume party and take away the focus from party decorations to the interesting costumes that everyone has. On top of that, you can consider planning many different activities. Card games, board games, Wii, Xbox, FIFA, Dance Central, or even simple games with balloons- these can allow your guests to pass time easily and yet have a fun time together without having to spend much! They’re in for a smashing good time! 🙂

One of the rapidly famous yet affordable party games you can consider: Jungle Speed

Planning a party can be very simple and affordable if you are willing to get creative and take a little effort to DIY decorations! Ultimately, remember that your friends will still make everything fun and cosy even if all else fails- you’re in for a great time no matter what! Worry less, go have fun!



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