Tips for Those Moving Their Homes

Having acquired new warehouses over the past 2 years, Masons Home Décor has become really well versed in moving things around. By things, we are actually referring to items similar to what you have at home! Thankfully for us, we managed to brainstorm many ways to ensure that our moving process would be a lot easier. We decided that we should share these amazing tips with everyone else too!


Start with Items You Do Not Need On A Daily Basis

We started with items such as our Foosball table. Playing with it on a daily basis was not a need for our staff. Surely a month sacrifice would be survivable! As for the refrigerator, there was a huge protest to move that out first! Should you be packing your home to prepare for moving, we would recommend you begin with items such as your encyclopaedias and all other items you do not need on a daily basis. This enables you to begin packing a lot earlier.


Fill Small Boxes with the Heaviest Items

We had a lot of heavy concrete (small in size) that had to be located in another warehouse in the suburbs of Singapore. Our factories shipped these items to us in boxes in the dimension of 1 metre by 1 metre by 1 metre. Having our movers handle such a largely sized box is definitely conducting torture in the most inhumane manner!

We even had to do our way with our culture of being organised as part of our packing and moving process. We had many items that were meant for the same storage rack, but split them up anyway to facilitate easy and efficient moving.


Pack the Lightest Items into the Larger Boxes

Larger boxes are effective in storing as many items as possible. Since handling them would be a chore if they were heavy, fill them up with light yet bulky items! You could even place smaller boxes within these larger boxes to facilitate better organisation.

We would recommend for your clothes, linens, cushions, and all other puffy items to be packed into large boxes. Larger boxes also allows you to allocate fewer boxes to a room, resulting in lesser confusion when you move to your new space!


Seek External Storage

There are companies in Singapore, such as Space Ship, who allow you to securely store your items with them. The emergence of such innovative companies have definitely helped make living a lot easier, given the fact that the sizes of homes in Singapore are only decreasing in size. Delivery is also provided from your place to their space, and back to you should you need them again.

Moving to a smaller home is a reality for most Singaporeans. We have to be thankful for storage and moving innovations like these!


We hope you have enjoyed these tips! Do check us out soon for more informative articles!



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