Top 8 DIY Chinese New Year Decorations to Welcome the Year of the Dog in Singapore

28th January 2018 will mark the start of the year of the dog in Chinese culture. People born in people born on 25th January 1982 to 12th February 1983 were born in the year of dogs and those born 10th February 1994 to 30th January 1995. Other years of the dog are 2006, 1970, 1934, 1946 and 1958.

So as to receive the New Year spirit, there is need to stay ahead by looking at the below DIY Chinese New Year decorations. Most of the ideas to make art projects are easy that parents and children can enjoy putting them together. While others may turn out to be hard and may take much time, need more attention to details and require more effort to come up with a masterpiece. Should you feel that you do not have the time, feel free to check out what Masons Home Decor has to offer for Chinese New Year 2018 Decorations!

Although we may be selling premium CNY decor, we strongly urge you to create some family time to partake in the below mentioned DIY activities together! Here are our top 8 DIY activities to create Chinese New Year decor! Enjoy!

1. 2018 Dog Candle for Chinese New Year

For a detailed read, please scroll below, beyond the pictures!

cny diy candle holder 1

Step 1: Cut red tissue paper into strips and throw them into the mixture of glue and water

Step 2: Paste them all over the glass jar in a random pattern, but ensure that you leave no gaps.

This is what you should achieve. Allow the glue to dry and harden as the red tissue would still be wet.

Cut off the strips at the brim of the container that are protruding out.

Outline the brim with a thick black lining with your paint brush.

Design your candle holder with characters and place a candle inside.

Credits: First Pallette

 The above DIY Chinese decoration for New Year can be used to present the theme of a Dog.

Materials needed:

  • White glue
  • Paintbrush (A thin one would do to better write the characters)
  • Red tissue
  • Candle
  • Acrylic black paint
  • Glass Jar (Plastic is unsuitable as this will be the candle holder)
  • A Small Disposable Plastic Cup or Bowl


Make sure the glass jar is empty. This will be your candle holder. Put equal amounts of water and white glue in the disposable cup or bowl and mix it. Cut the red tissue into strips then throw them into the mixture of water and glue. Put the strips on the glass or plastic jar and cover it with the strips completely.

Allow the papers around the jar to dry completely. Then cut any red paper that seems to be sticking out on the jar’s top part. Then, make a painting of a black ring around the brim of the jar. Scribble the dog character (or any other Chinese character related to CNY) on the glass jar with the use of a paintbrush and let the paint to dry again.

Lastly, put a candle in the jar. The above picture shows you what should be done and how your project will appear after you finish all the above steps. Do not mind the colour of the above image. Stick to the procedure.


Source: Pinterest

This lantern can be made with much ease. It looks beautiful in the house and on the balcony.

Materials needed:

  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper (A4 white or coloured paper)
  • Coloured pencils


Make a drawing of a dog and scribble “Happy New Year” on a piece of paper and colour the drawing. You can get creative and even use coloured paper or red packets for this activity. After which, fold the paper into a half and then cut an inch lines at the centre of the drawing then open it.

Put glue on the sides of the drawing and let the picture to stick together. Use a pair of scissors to make a strip from another paper at the top to represent the handle of the lantern.

3. CNY Firecracker

Cut out a circle that is slightly bigger than the diameter of the toilet roll and snip ends at the sides.

Place it on each end of the toilet roll and secure it by using glue.

Wrap the body of the toilet roll with the coloured paper or red packet!

Credits: Crafty-Crafted

Materials needed:

  • Empty toilet paper roll
  • Red packets or coloured paper
  • Coloured Pens
  • Glue or double sided tape
  • Scissors
  • Aluminium Foil


Draw two circles on your coloured paper or red packets. The circle should be slightly bigger than the end of the toilet roll (maybe about 2 cm – refer to the images above and you will know why!).

Place these two circles at both ends of the toilet roll and cut its sides so that you can easily fold it down to attach it securely to its ends.

Then make a cutting of a rectangular strip on the red paper and attach it to the body of the toilet paper roll. You can decide to draw a dog or write “Happy Year of the Dog” on the paper (specifically red one). A watercolour pen (black) should be used for this.

After that take an aluminium foil (small piece), roll it to resemble the sharp point of a firecracker. Then insert it on top of the TP roll. It will serve as a decoration for the table or shelf.

4. Chinese New Year Dog Wall Hanging Firecracker

cny wall hanging fire cracker

Image source: ChinaSprout

It is one of the challenging DIY New Year Chinese decorations that you can make with your kids.

Materials needed:

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Coloured paper or red packets
  • Plastic plates
  • Toilet paper rolls


First, you need to make a choice on how many toilet paper rolls you will use. You can choose to use 20 or less. Cover the gold paper over each of the roll and make sure you tie the ends too. Also leave some of the gold paper to stick out on the ends of the rolls. Repeat the same procedure using the red paper but this time be careful in that it should not cover the gold paper completely.

Next you need to take the two red plates and use glue to put them together. Draw an image of a dog on the paper (white), cut it and apply glue to stick it in the middle of the plate. Tie the end parts of the ropes using firecrackers. Get another rope and make the second hole at the top of the paper plate and tie a hole to display your decoration by mounting it on the wall.


Image source: Pinterest

This DIY paper fan can be used as kids’ toys and can also be a decoration in the house by placing them on the shelf.

Material needed:

  • Watercolour pens
  • Scissors
  • Super Glue
  • Paper
  • Popsicle sticks


Get a piece of paper that can reach 36 inches in length and 5 inches wider. Cut and stick the three or two paper sheets together to form an appropriate length. Next, you need to draw and apply colour to the dog. The more colours it has, the better it will look.

After finishing fold the paper in accordion style (fold it forward, turn it over and make a fold of it going forward ones again. Repeat the procedure until you wrap the whole paper. After finishing stick each of the ends with glue on Popsicle stick. Give it time to dry before you put it on the shelf for display.

6. Circular Chinese Dog Lantern

It is among the best Chinese New Year decorations. Although it is hard to make than the other Chinese lantern, but it is worth it.

Materials Needed:

  • Red string
  • Permanent marker (fine)
  • Colored paper (Red or Gold)
  • White paper
  • Needle
  • Scissors


Make a printout of this Chinese ball lantern figure (visit this link: down on a whiter paper. Cut it to remove and use the cutting as a stencil to help you trace the shape of the lantern on gold or red paper. After that draw, an image of a dog or you can jot down the character of the dog with a fine permanent marker.

Here comes the complex part. A red thread string to pass through the needle. Then make the needle to pass through the small circles at the bottom of the lantern figure. After finishing with the bottom circles, it is time to do the same in the top circles. Lastly, make a knot in the top area when you are through.

In case there is need to hang the lantern on the roof, you will need to add the second string on the upper part of the lantern. By simply tying on top of the knot you created. In case you are making more of the lanterns, tie them on a string and attach all their ends to nails preferably the opposite side of the wall.

7. Chopstick frame craft

Image: Dreamstime

It is an easy decoration that you can manage to design with your kid.

Material Needed:

  • Paper
  • Glue
  • Red ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Watercolour pens
  • Disposable chopsticks


Pick a white paper and write the Chinese character for the dog. Then colour them with either gold or red marker. You can also draw a diagram of a dog and colour.

Then cut the paper to form a shape of a square and stick chopsticks on all of the four sides. You can draw small figures of a dog, cut them and stick them on the opposite corner of each of the frame. In case you want it to be hanged on the wall you should tie it with a red ribbon on topper part of chopstick frame.

8. kumkuat art

It is a Chinese New Year wall decoration that kids can enjoy making.

Materials Needed:

  • Red paint
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Colored paper (either red or gold)
  • Whitepaper
  • Watercolor pens


Take the coloured paper of your choice and cut a rectangular shape out of it. Then make a drawing of a dog with the use of the watercolour pen. Stick the rectangle shape with glue on the bottom but at the centre of the white coloured paper. Next, you need to draw branches of varying shapes and sizes using a brown-red colour pen.

Put some red colour pen on top of a plate and put your finger in the paint (or a finger of your child). Then put the finger careful near the numerous branches. Let the paper dry, then put it on display. You can also design a frame with the use of chopsticks or brown paper. In case you use chopsticks, there is need to cut the paper to form a rectangle shape to avoid making it sticking out starting from the ends.

thank you!

Just like putting up Christmas decorations, setting up and making your own Chinese New Year decorations will inevitably take up a lot of your time and effort. Whatever the case is, you can be assured that when your decorations are DIY, they will be 100% exclusive and you can flaunt them to your relatives and friends who visit you. It shows others not only the creative side of your family, but also the strong bond that you have with your siblings, parents, or children.

Take some time this CNY to spend some quality time with your family by crafting these DIY Chinese New Year Decorations to usher in the year of the dog!

If you felt this article has been helpful to you, do not forget to give it a share! Till next time!


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