How to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Day is arguably the most popular public holiday all around the world. It is not tied to any religious or ethnic group. New Year’s is an occasion where many get together to celebrate and countdown to the upcoming year. Other than the tradition of partying, making New Year’s resolutions has always been practised by many around the World!

In a recent survey made by Masons Home Decor over the period of 13 October 2017 to 30 December 2017, only 7 percent (688 out of 9853 respondents) of our respondents mentioned that they have managed to stick to their New Year’s resolutions. To us, that is a shocking statistic. Upon chatting with these walk-in customers, we seem to know why this is so.

Here are some reasons to why we never ever stick to our resolutions!


Not What You Originally Want

Our conversations with our customers have helped us realise that most New Year’s resolutions are usually casually made. They are only brought up because of small talk they have with their peers, and therefore, they mention the first politically correct resolution that comes to mind. These politically correct resolutions may be to aim to lose weight, spend more time with their families, or to even quit smoking!

To actually stick to the resolution, it is essential that what is talked about is also what you want. Spend some time to think about what you feel your life is lacking and determine to yourself how much you want this change! For example, if the person you hate the most is really bad tempered, a resolution for yourself to possess better temperament may actually work out better! Of course, we should never ever hate. It is just an example!


Desiring Results But Zero Thought in the Process

With the emergence of social media, it has become increasingly common for us to come across the achievements of our friends and acquaintances. Be it a new car, new watch, or even a new body, one has to admit that you would definitely at least once chance upon something you would desire. Desiring about the achievement about others without putting in any effort to research about the process may very well be considered to be a waste of time!

Acknowledge what you desire, find out how to do it, create an action plan, reemphasise to yourself why you need that, and you will definitely be on your way to becoming the next social media inspiration to all your followers and friends!


Lack of Pressure

In Singapore, the schedule and life of an average Singaporean is said to be very stressful. Foreigners and tourist who interact with us Singaporeans often feel that the culture here is too hurried when it comes to work! With so much pressure being felt during the day, most people may feel that they deserve time off at night to relax. How about thinking about it as you deserving to fulfil your resolution instead? Create that pressure for yourself and announce your plans to the World! The feeling of being able to show people around you the positive changes in your life are always rewarding.


Unrealistic Goals

For those of you who have watched the legal drama, Suits, the great Harvey Specter once said, ‘I don’t have dreams, I have goals’. This statement makes perfect sense to any high achiever in the World today. A dream is said to be something very mystical and unattainable. Goals are usually referred to targets that can be made with great challenge and sacrifice. Having too many dreams that never come true can be really demoralising in your quest to achieve what you really want!


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