5 Ways To Give A New Life To Your Photo Frames

Photo frames are more useful than merely holding iconic photographs and art works. Instead of recycling them or dumping them to trash, why not up cycle them and give them a new purpose to be something more fun and refreshing in your house decor?

We have compiled here 5 simple ways you can upcycle your old or unused photo frames into other purposeful items in your home. We will also give you a short description on how you can DIY these!

1) Head board for your bed

photo frame head board masons home decor
photo frame head board masons home decor credits: kcsr

Make use of your classic, wooden picture frames or photo frames and create a mini DIY project to make them into gorgeous head boards for your bedroom. This can turn into a vintage point of focus transforming the look of the room!

All you have to do is to simply remove the glass covering from the picture frame and retain the backing to form as the base. Cut out some upholstery foam to fit the size of the base. To create tufting, drill some holes a few inches apart and get some upholstery fabric covered buttons to thread in later. You can fluff the foam by adding some padding in-between the fabric and base. Once you have this, staple the foam to the base of the board, get the buttons in and ensure this still fits into the photo frame. There you have it!


2) Hanging plant stand

hanging photo frame with plants - masons home decor
hanging photo frame with plants – masons home decor. credits: better home and garden

Have a really big and bulky metal photo frame? Take out the backing and the glass and retain the frame to make your own hanging potted plant stand!

All you need to do to make sure this works is to add a small slab of plank at the bottom of the frame to ensure it can stand unsupported. Spray paint it to the colour of the frame or your choice for a finished touch. Finally center a plant hook at the top rim of the frame and you are all set to hang your plant and leave it by the doorway.


3) Message board

photo frame notice board - masons home decor
photo frame notice board – masons home decor. credits: nytex

These are extremely useful even if you are living alone, to set reminders for yourself and those living with you.

Take out the glass covering off your photo frame and put up a nicely cut cork board according to the dimensions of your frame and simple stick on a pad of post-it! You can even glue on a small elastic band loop to hold a pen or a marker for added convenience. If you are feeling creative, design the cork board yourself or get one with popping colours or geometric shapes to make it look even better!

Tip: If you are not a fan of wasting post-it paper, stick on a white board or a black board and make a holder for your eraser for a reusable message board.


4) Jewellery holder

photo frame jewelry holder - masons home decor
photo frame jewelry holder – masons home decor. credits: sincerely yours

For all the ladies out there, are you tired of having entangled earrings and chains? This is a perfect idea to neaten and display your jewellery collection for yourself and all your girlfriends!

You can use a cork board or retain the backing of the frame to be the base. Glue on a nice piece of fabric tightly to the base and add metal hoops and small hangers to hold your earrings and necklaces. It’s that simple! But of course, it’s going to look a lot more than the little effort needed to make it!

Tip: Men can use this idea too – to hang your fishing lures and equipment or even watches and cuff links!


5) Gorgeous snack trays

Medium sized photo frames, especially thick rimmed wooden frames, make great looking trays for treats like cupcakes and cookies.

For this project, retain the glass covering of your photo frame to have a flat surface to hold the goodies and fill the frame with your favourite fabric or paper stapled onto the base.

An extra tip for you would be to use vinegar to wipe the surface of the glass from time to time and seal the cracks along the rims with a glue gun to keep it clean from crumbs.


We hope you enjoy these little DIY projects to bring new life to your photo frames at home!

Check us out soon for more amazing Home Decor tips!

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