4 Creative Ways To Use Photo Frames To Elevate Your Home Decor

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What is the first thing you need to know about creatively using your photos to enhance your home interior decor? First you need to ensure that your photos are fitted into the right type of photo frames. Placing a wedding photo in a Disney themed photo frame would not go unless both you and your partner are ardent Disney fans! Next, you have to ensure that your photo frames match the theme of your interior decor at home. It should look innovative and at the same time further bring out the background features of the theme you’ve designed your home with. With these ideas we are going to lay out, we hope you are able to nurture the ambience in your home and at the same time get wild with your creativity!

1) Get innovative with DIY photo frames

akryl acrylic frames from masons home decor
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This does not mean that you have to design and make a photo frame entirely out of scratch. Get some simple and plain coloured wooden or acrylic photo frames and add your personal touch to it based on the photo you would like to display.

Have plenty of photos of you and your family travelling around the world? One unique idea would be to draw the part of the world map you have visited along the photo frame. If you are not too keen on drawing, you can print it out according to the dimensions of the frame and stick it on as well. Remember to cut some extra edges to nicely hug around the rims of your photo frame.


2) Use a clothes line to display your Polaroids

carta polaroid hanger
carta polaroid hanger – masons home decor

This idea looks great to be displayed in empty and hidden corners of your house. It adds a vintage and rustic touch to your interior decor as well! If you want to take it a step further, after getting the clothes line and clips, you can spray paint them with a base of black or dark brown and add some gold or copper air brush or blots to make it look more homely.

This is an easy idea to bump up the boring areas of your house. Moreover, it’s convenient to keep rotating the photographs from your Polaroid collection. You can add new photos right away and this will be a treat for not just your guests but for those living at home as well.


3) Hang photo frames from a tree branch

Yes, you heard us right! Mounting a spray painted short stem of tree branch on your wall and hanging light wooden photo frames with a nylon thread is an incredibly simple but elegant idea that you can impress your guests with. The outcome at the end is very creative and homely at the same time rustic in nature.

Ensure to distribute the photo frames evenly across the tree branch to prevent any localized stress on the stem. Also, pick photo frames of different shapes and sizes to create a more funky look. You can also spray paint the photo frames or get frames along the same colour theme to match the colours in your home.

4) Create a gallery wall

This is a great idea to put up photos of your family members, old baby photos and group photos of your loved ones. All you need is an empty area of wall in your living space and you can go crazy with the colour theme, choice of photographs and shapes of your photo frames.

We advise you again to pick colours of an uniform theme and pick photo frames of the same kind, e.g. wooden frames. There are plenty of ideas for gallery walls on the Internet for your reference too. Once you have set it up, you can even pick some wall stickers to add in between the spaces of the frames for a more complete and personalized look. You can also top it off with a large photo frame housing the smaller frames to clearly mark out your gallery wall.

We hope you get wild with your ideas and have fun decorating your house with your photographs!


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