Finding The Perfect Artificial Christmas Tree For Your Office

Inviting some festive vibe and Christmas feel into your office is made a lot easier today with artificial Christmas trees. A while back when artificial Christmas trees were still being introduced, they were seen as something less traditional and classic compared to real Christmas trees by some people. This opinion has however changed vastly in recent years and artificial Christmas trees are now seen as the economical and modern alternative to real Christmas trees.

Artificial Christmas trees are seen as modern reflections of the real tree and although they are not real, they sure do look like actual trees because they are made with such great quality. They are also perfect for places outside of your home, like your office and shops. They bring in the right amount of holiday spirit and at the same time they are perfect to maintain in rather public places like your office compared to real Christmas trees.


Why artificial Christmas trees for your office?

More than just bringing in the Christmas vibe into your office and amongst your colleagues, using an artificial Christmas tree for the occasion is also a practical decision. Artificial Christmas trees don’t have to be maintained and watered like real Christmas trees which require precise amount of water and care depending on their subtype. For a busy office space, artificial Christmas trees would be the best this way.

Artificial Christmas trees also would not shed needles and reduce in foliage like real Christmas trees. This means there is less for you and your colleagues to clean up around the tree and look after. Especially after decorating the tree and setting up the lights, the needles tend to fall off a lot in real Christmas trees. But with an artificial Christmas tree, you would not need to worry about this and can go on having fun with the decoration of the tree with your colleagues. This also makes setting up the tree for Christmas and New Years and taking it down after the period has ended a lot easier for you and your office staff. Plus, you do not need to worry about any allergies to real Christmas trees that your colleagues might have!

On top of this, artificial Christmas trees also have pre-lit variations for you to save even more time with the setting up process! Simply connect the cable and switch the power on for a fully lit Christmas tree to lighten up your office space.

If you are a fan of decorating the tree yourself, fear not as well. Artificial Christmas trees are made to be a lot more sturdy and durable to hold large and heavy ornaments compared to many real Christmas trees. This also gives you and your colleagues a great opportunity to spend time bonding while decorating your office’s artificial Christmas tree up!

First measure the space

Before starting to find an artificial Christmas tree, look at how much of space you can afford in your office space to place it first. Think of where you would like to place your artificial Christmas tree and take accurate measurements of that area. Remember to pay extra attention to note the ceiling height in that area to countercheck it against the height of the tree later. Also ensure that the tree is small enough to fit through the possible door spaces to bring it into your office! It should also be of a suitable size to fit into your storage area after the festive season is over.

Artificial Christmas trees, compared to real Christmas trees, come in various sizes and shapes so that you can easily find a good pick to fit the measurements you require. Once you are sure the artificial Christmas tree fits your office space, make sure it does not crowd with the existing furniture as well. No matter how nice the artificial Christmas tree might be decorated and lit, it is not going to look good against a crowded area. Also, save some space to lay down a couple of presents with your colleagues at the bottom of the tree!


Decide on how long you want to keep the tree

One of the biggest advantages of buying an artificial Christmas tree is that it is an investment for the long run. You can definitely keep the tree for more than a single Christmas but how long it lasts depends on the quality of the tree you go for.

The quality of artificial Christmas trees are easily noted by examining the quality of the branches and the tips of the needles of the tree. The design of how the foliage appears also plays a part. Usually, better quality trees also come with more branches which allows for more needles to fill the shape of the tree. This also gives you a great background and stability to hang plenty of ornaments.

The quality of the tree is also evident from the technology used to make the trees. For example, the FirTect technology is a known method of designing the foliage and it is proven to last you for more than just the couple of Christmas days ahead.

Especially if you are buying your artificial Christmas tree online, ensure that you find close up images of the tree to note that the foliage is indeed full and parts of the branches or trunks are not oddly visible through the gaps. Sellers who do not provide close up images of their artificial Christmas trees are almost definitely selling those of a poorer quality.


Think of what you would like to hang on your artificial Christmas tree

Also before getting an artificial Christmas tree, come up with a small plan with your colleagues on how you want the tree to be decorated. This acts as a reminder as well to land yourself with a good quality artificial Christmas tree as if your colleagues and you get excited and go overboard with the ornaments, the branches should be sturdy enough to support them and not lean or topple over to one side.

Deciding if you would be going with a simple or heavy look for the decorations on your Christmas tree would also help you decide on the type and size of artificial Christmas tree that you want to purchase.

If you are on the lookout for good quality artificial Christmas trees, check out our shop right now as we have some amazing promotions going on as Christmas day draws near! Foliage enriched with FirTect technology, quality is not compromised in any of our products. All our artificial Christmas trees are designed to last many years ahead for you and your office. Also, don’t be shocked with how real our artificial Christmas trees actually look! We provide you with lots of close up images for you to know what you are really buying. Fear not about the required dimensions as well because all our trees come in a few different sizes!

You can feel free to browse through and purchase your favourite lights and ornaments along with your artificial Christmas tree with the great discounts available. We wish you and your colleagues a great Christmas this year and a happy new year!

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