3 Simple Ways To Spruce Up The Décor In Your Toilet

Decorating your bathroom can be a tricky business, especially in newer home layouts in Singapore which come with small toilets. If you feel like you are struggling to make the most of the space in your toilet while doing it up, you’ve come to the right place!

Let us not get into the dire details of interior designing and renovation which is something you might have come across over and over again on social media. We are going to tell you three straight forward methods to add simple touches to your bathroom space which makes a great difference!

To help you out, we have pulled some ideas from our favourite bathroom projects to come up with 3 simple ways you can use to spice up how your toilet looks like.

Photo Frames

Find it odd to place a photo of your family or partner in the washroom? It doesn’t have to be a photo of anyone in your family! As we travel and take our first class cameras for a spin, we take plenty of professional shots of locations and landmarks which we just store in our camera roll for years. With digital photos and computers, we don’t see the need to print these masterpieces anymore to put them up for display. So why not get a handful of these gorgeous memories and put them up in your bathroom?

Classic wooden photo frames bring the warmth of these photographs and memories right to the ambience of your washroom. Pick a nice scene of a sunrise or sunset to complete the look with your wooden photo frame. If you are feeling more fancy, you can even add a spotlight under the photo frame to bring it alive!

Another great idea to keep your toilet looking chic is to have these clothes line Polaroid photos up in the top. If you are worried about humidity and water damaging the photos, simply seal the photos with hair spray before putting them up so it strengthens the waterproof coat on your Polaroid photos.

Not only will it be a great and subtle way to show off your photography skills to your guests, but it is also a sweet way to start and end your day in your house!

Artificial Plants

Etrusche - Artificial Plants in Pots with Tray
We realised that not many bathroom décor advice list includes placing small potted plants or hanging plants in your toilet. Incorporating plants into your washroom space literally brings in life to the area. Not only does it help you keep your toilet fresh and smelling good all the time, it also helps to cleanse the air in your toilet which might be poorly ventilated most of the time.

If you are not a fan of taking extra time off to maintain these plants from time to time, go for something small and modern for a start. Terrariums are gorgeous alternatives to having potted plants and they stay as lovely as they are with the least of effort. If you are worried about moving around and knocking the plants off from their spot, pick something that hangs down beautifully without any inconvenience!


Another way to keep your bathroom smelling fresh all the time is to use scented candles. If you are worried about leaving them lit and leaving your house, fear not, because most scented candles diffuse their aroma even without being lit! This is especially so given our persistently warm and humid weather. It’s also a good trick to remember for those of us who don’t like to be engulfed by a very strong flowery smell ever time we visit the toilet! A subtle fragrance in the background is all we need and our Yankee candles do the job perfectly!

Having candles in your bathroom adds a really romantic touch for all our young couples out there! It could even help you shave off some bucks off your electricity bill if you’re a fan of taking nice, long showers after a long day of work.

We hope we have given you some out of the box insight on how to decorate your bathroom and not simply go on about boring points on interior designing that you might have already read up on!

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