Types Of Live Christmas Trees

Live Christmas Trees Singapore

Christmas is around the corner and if you are planning to purchase a real tree to brighten up your house for the joyous occasion, now is the perfect time to start looking! Previously, we have you a guide on what types of artificial Christmas trees are available in the market today. Here, we are going to lay out for you the types of live Christmas trees available for all those nature lovers out there!

The basic classification of live Christmas trees in Singapore

There are only some varieties and species of real trees that are used as live Christmas trees. These are:

  • Fir Trees: The most common choice, Firs shed the least amount of needles, are the most fragrant and come at a reasonable price for these qualities.
  • Pine Trees: Pine trees come with sturdy branches to hold ornaments and are slightly more expensive than Firs.
  • Spruce Trees: The cheapest form of Christmas trees you can find, but they are also the least sturdy, least fragrant and shed the most amount of needles even if you water them.
  • Cypress Trees: These trees are the most expensive of the lot, and have a dusky appearance which suits minimalistic houses.
  • Cedar Trees: Cedar trees are a rare find and would fit your choice if you are looking for something that does not look like a typical Christmas tree.

These five types of trees are best suited for the purpose because they are of the appropriate height, size, and colour for the occasion.

Out of these varieties, let’s look at the most common and famous types of live trees that people love to purchase for Christmas.

Noble Fir

The Noble Fir tree has its origins from the Pacific Northwest. It has a rounded silhouette due to its needles and branches that protrude straight out from its trunk. The needles are usually in a greenish silver colour which looks royal and grand. Its shape is also symmetrical which makes it look very neat. Despite how gentle and elegant the Noble Fir looks, its trunk and branches are actually pretty strong to hold up some heavy ornaments.

Balsam Fir

This is the best tree you can get if you want to bring in a warm Christmas feel into your home. This tree has a characteristic earthy Christmas scent that perfuses your whole house, and this is not a quality of most of the other types of live trees! It also sheds very few needles, which is a great attribute if you have children or pets at home.

The Balsam Fir has dark green needles which slant upward to give it a tall look and a slim top. In other words, this tree doesn’t just have a Christmas-y smell, but also a very classic Pine tree look!

Douglas Fir

The Douglas Fir has gorgeous greenish-blue to dark green needles that give out a great fragrance when they are crushed. So it automatically gives you an option to do something with all the needles that shed! The Douglas Fir is also a lot lighter than its live Christmas tree counterparts – which makes it very convenient to transport it back to your house after your purchase at the store. You can also manipulate this tree easily on a stand, however, hanging heavy ornaments on the Douglas Fir is going to be an issue.

Fraser Fir

The Fraser Fir looks very similar to the Balsam Fir in terms of its shape and the colour of the needles. However, you can tell them both apart quite easily too by looking at the needles closely. The Fraser Fir has an additional touch of silver stripes on the bottom side of each needle, which makes the tree glow under gentle light. The branches of the Fraser Fir slanted downwards slightly, but this tree is still extremely sturdy to hold heavy ornaments. The Fraser Fir is also one of the live Christmas trees that sheds the least amount of needles.

Scotch Pine

The Scotch Pine tree appears bright green to blue and has long and flexible needles which give it a soft and furry look from afar. Although they look gentle, they have very strong branches and a dense content of needles, which go best with bold coloured and structured ornaments. Using small and light ornaments on the Scotch Pine would make them go buried and lost in the boughs!

Colorado Blue Spruce

This tree has a very pointed top that gives it a unique look compared to other Christmas trees. For those who like less vibrant trees to easily camouflage in your living area to give it a homely look, the blue Spruce would be the best choice. It has slightly dull blue to green needles which fit in easily to most colour themes of houses.

With this guide we hope you have gained some baseline knowledge to go out there to scout for the perfect tree for your Christmas this year. Remember, live trees can be recycled if you transport back them to the right place after they start wilting. Go green and get your old trees to decompose in the right environment to get their nutrients right back to the environment instead of the trash can!

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