The Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas Tree Decorating – 2 Themes You Can Follow

Decorating your Christmas tree may often seem like a stressful task. More often than not, it is not about decorating a tree that would satisfy ourselves that makes it stressful, but decorating a tree so beautiful that all our Christmas guests would be stunned. This is especially true after you attend a Christmas party or gathering and all that is left in your mind is their lovely Christmas tree cladded with tasteful ornaments!

So, how can you ensure that your Christmas tree would leave a positive and lasting impression on your guests and not be the biggest laughing stock of the season?

Join us as we go through the 7 most important points of Christmas tree decorating in Singapore. Also, at the end of this article, we will share with you three amazing Christmas tree themes that would most certainly wow your guests this Christmas!

1. Determining the COLOUR theme of your ornaments

Christmas trees (both real and artificial) in Singapore are most commonly available in different shades of green. It is important to note that the colour theme of the ornaments that we select should be dependent on the colour of your tree. Should the tree you are purchasing possess a lighter shade of green, a cool theme would be more appropriate. If the tree is going to be of a darker green, a warm theme should be chosen. A lighter shade of green blends well with cool colours, while warm coloured ornaments can be amplified in a very grand effect when placed on a dark coloured tree.

2. using only the right colours of ornaments

A warm theme should only consist of the following colours:

Gold, bronze, red, burgundy, brown, yellow

A cool theme should only consist of the following colours:

Silver, blue, turquoise, teal, white

Image (above) Credits: Celebrating Colour

It is highly important that colours from the warm category are not mixed with colours of the cool category, and vice versa. For example, using gold baubles and then using a silver coloured tree topper with pure white LED string lights would result in a bad clash. There has to be relationship among all the ornaments on your Christmas tree, including with the lights!

However, it is okay to use a Christmas tree decorated with a cool theme in a home that possesses more of a warm coloured décor theme as it would create a good balance.

3. how many ornaments is too much?

This is greatly dependent on the structure of your Christmas tree. A common myth that has to be debunked is that a dense Christmas tree should be decorated with an overload of ornaments. That is not true! Yes, if the Christmas tree is scarce, you should definitely not overcrowd the tree with ornaments. However, should the Christmas tree be extremely dense, you will have to consider the type of branches it has. For example, branches such as those from the Abaco Giant Needle Pine Christmas tree should not be too overwhelmed with decorations (despite it being so dense) because it has a very raw and sharp outlook. Some LED string lights, baubles, and cute candy canes would do the trick. However, branches such as those from the Amazzonia Cashmere Pine Christmas tree result in the tree having a very puffy and spongy effect. Stuffing the tree with ornaments would actually result in the tree looking fabulous!

Abaco - Hyper Realistic Giant Needle Pine Christmas Tree

ABACO decorated with baubles, candy canes, and LED lights

Abaco - Hyper Realistic Giant Needle Pine Christmas Tree

ABACO structure

AMAZZONIA Cashmere Pine tree heavily decorated

4. How many string LED lights should I use for my Christmas tree?

Assuming that your LED string lights are 10 metres and have 100 bulbs per cable, here are the best guideline you should follow:

5 foot Christmas Tree – 1 set

6 foot Christmas Tree – 2 sets

7 foot Christmas Tree – 3 sets

5. The procedure of decorating your Christmas tree. What do I put on first?

The first item that should go up to your Christmas tree should be your LED string lights. Connect one end of the cable to your power socket, and wrap the cable around your tree all the way to the top. Should you require more than one set of lights, LED string lights from Masons Home Décor allow you to connect one light to another easily with a single click! Do also note to tuck in the wire into the depth of the tree as they should not be visible.

Next, introduce the baubles! By now, you would have decided if you would be going for a warm or cool theme. Be sure to begin with the ornaments that would stand out the most. Then, introduce the ornaments to your Christmas tree from largest to smallest. The smaller sized ornaments should be used to cover whatever existing gaps that are still remaining.

After which, introduce your tree picks! Tree picks are essential in providing your tree with a wholesome look.

Lastly, fit your star right at the top of Christmas tree. Did you know, the Alpi Star Tree Topper from Masons Home Décor can be further enhanced by sticking an inch of the cable into the star. Check out what one of our amazing customers did below!

6. maintaining consistency

Do ensure that the individual colours of each ornament are evenly spread. You would not want a portion of a tree to be too cluttered with a single variant of a bauble. It kills the overall effect that the tree is going to give.

7. have fun with the process!

Probably the most important tip of them all. Decorating your tree with a clear an open mind allows you to produce an effect based on your personality and style. Gather the family and show your guests how Christmas should be done!

themes for you!

The professional Christmas tree designers at Masons Home Decor have created two amazing decoration themes for you to try out this Christmas!

Play around with your existing decor to replicate these combinations to be sure to wow your guests!

For more information, you can click here for the cool frozen theme for the image on the bottom left, or here for the warm fiery theme for the image on the bottom right.

arenaria christmas trees by masons home decor singapore


We hope you enjoyed your time with us this week! Do stay tuned for more tips of home decor ideas.


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