How to Choose the Best Christmas Tree for Your Home

Learning from Others

A Christmas tree is often seen to be more than just a home decor item. For a long time, Christmas trees, ornaments, and other Christmas related decor, have been used by families and individuals to:

  • turn their homes into a Christmas wonderland. 
  • define their societal status (sort of)
  • show off their decor skills and taste
  • create an atmosphere to mark a beginning to the festive season and the end of an eventful year

That being said, investing in the correct Christmas tree for your home is going to be a very important task! With money becoming increasingly difficult to earn, it is in no ones interest to waste their money on a Christmas tree that is not suitable. Luckily for you, Masons Home Decor has created a comprehensive guide to aid you in selecting the best Christmas tree for your home. Discover what has worked for others, and learn from their mistakes too. 

Measure Your Space

We have seen so many customers walk in to our space (at Jln Pemimpin) and nearly making the mistake of rashly purchasing a Christmas tree simply because they fell in love with it at first sight. 

It is important to determine the amount of space that you have at home before you purchase a Christmas tree. At Masons Home Decor, we have provided the dimensions (height and diameter) of all of our Christmas trees descriptively in each individual product description. Should you be purchasing your tree from another Christmas store, a vigilant effort must be made to find out the dimensions of the tree too.

A margin of at least 10 cm should be allocated on both sides of the tree (left and right) when it is set up in your home. The best way to do it would be to use a measuring tape to measure your available space horizontally and deduct 20 cm away (10 cm x 2). After which, select a tree that is within this diameter. 

The ALTAECO Slim Colorado Pine Christmas tree from Masons Home Decor has been extremely popular with new Build to Order (BTO) apartments. Space constraints are often a primary problem for such apartments. With a width of only 71 cm for the 1.8 m tree, home owners can now enjoy a slim yet dense Christmas tree without compromising on height.

Determining Durability

Christmas Tree Set Up Guide Step 7 - Easy-Open Hinges!
Christmas Tree Set Up Guide Step 6 - Experiencing Easy-Open

One would purchase a Christmas tree to ensure that it can last for at least 10 years. The samples set up in the Masons Home Decor showroom in Jln Pemimpin have already been there for 7 years! Choosing a Christmas tree that can be a long term investment is essential and here is how you can do it.

Ensure that the branches of your Christmas trees come hinged to the solid centre structure. Hinged branches mean that the branches (of a segment of the tree) will automatically open when placed in an upright position. Alternatively, it also means that it automatically closes when you hold it upside down.

So.. what if your trees are not built to be equipped with hinged branches?

Certain shops have their trees manufactured in a way whereby you have to manually pull each main branch down into shape. Pulling it open and close a few times will inevitably result in the branch breaking due to wear and tear. Having them hinged will minimise this wear and tear issue greatly, allowing your tree to last a very long time. Apart from enjoying increased durability, setting your Christmas tree up becomes a breeze too!

Choosing Your Tree Based on Your Decoration Theme

One of the biggest mistakes that customers make is to decide on a Christmas tree while at the same time disregarding the ornament theme they initially wanted. 

Selecting a Christmas tree should be done in a holistic manner. Apart from looking at the space and durability issue, there are two other practical matters to think about:

  • Am I going for a warm or cool theme?

If your decorations are going to be off a warm theme using colours such as gold, red, burgundy, or brown, a darker Christmas tree would be ideal. Should you be leaning towards a cooler theme of colours such as blue and silver, a Christmas tree bearing a lighter shade of green would be more suitable.

  • Do i want my tree to look simple or complex with many ornaments?

All Christmas trees from Masons Home Decor are extremely dense. But not all dense trees look good with too much ornaments. For example, our ABACO Giant Needle Pine Christmas tree has a ‘poky’ outlook and would look best with simple and minimal ornaments. Whereas the AMAZZONIA Cashmere Pine Christmas tree will never ever look over crowded with ornaments because of its ‘spongy’ outlook.

We hope you have enjoyed this article on how to choose your Christmas tree! Do join us again next time!


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