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Best Solid Wood Furniture Warehouse in Singapore

Should you buy solid wood furniture?   Solid wood furniture is a term that is used to differentiate itself from Engineered Wood. It is also worth noting that engineered wood is usually cladded with printed laminate, which will never match the aesthetics and beauty of natural wood.  Should you be looking for long term furniture, […]

Identify Genuine Solid Wood Furniture

With more couples registering for unfurnished BTO (Built to Order) HDB apartments, purchasing furniture as an alternative to having built in customised carpentry becomes a more popular option. That being said, many of these new home owners are first time furniture buyers. Consumers in Singapore are often spoilt for choice when it comes to purchasing […]

Types of Wood for Furniture in Singapore

Our Guide to Different Types of Furniture Wood – Solid Wood Furniture and Engineered Wood Furniture Wood is one of the most common materials for use to manufacture solid wood furniture in Singapore. There are many types of wood available around the World, and it is safe to say that there any type of wood […]

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