Tips for the 2018 Durian Season

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The durian season is coming up! As durian lovers ourselves, we felt it would be useful to share some tips on how to get the most out of this durian season.

Known as the “king of fruits”, durian is famous among Southeast Asian countries as the fruit that you either hate or love. Infamous for its pungent odor but thick and creamy meat, durian is the type of fruit that you need to try out a couple of times before you earn to appreciate its unique flavor.  Because of this, it is not at all uncommon that people who have hated the fruit before have now become longtime lovers of the fruit.

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When is the Durian Season?

Late June – September

It’s an exciting time of the year for durian lovers! The durian season usually starts from late June and lasts for 2-3 months. This period is when durians are at their absolute peak, and you’ll probably be getting the best bang for your buck when purchasing durians during this period.


Prices are low

One of the most important reasons why durian season is much-awaited by people all over Singapore is in terms of the pricing. During the durian season, the supply of the fruit increases leading to the decrease in its price in the market. For example, the Mao Shan Wang durians which are commonly around $25-$30 per kilo during the early part of the year lowered down its prices to as much as $16 per kilogram.

This also applied to other types of durians that are pricey and hard to come by. During the durian season, the trees yield more fruits which is why sellers can lower the prices as compared to rainy seasons when there is too little to go around. If you and your family are durian lovers, you know quite well that this is the season for getting your fill of durians without breaking the bank!


There is a lot to choose from

Perhaps one of the most delightful moments for durian lovers during the durian season is with how much durian types they can choose from. Unlike other months of the year when durians are not abundant, during this season, markets are filled to the brim with various types and kinds of durians.

This is the time to go out and try tasting the different kinds to try and find out which one will truly satisfy your specific taste. For people who are trying out their first durian, this will be the best time of the year to do so since you will not be limited to a few kinds unlike other months wherein there are only one to two choices. With this in mind, you should ask people you trust about the best type of durians that you should start with so you taste the subtle ones first before moving on up.


There will be more to come!

While the durian season has already opened this June, the following weeks have already seen the gradual increase in prices as durian supplies have decreased. But fear not! According to plantation owners and sellers, there will be more to come in the month of July.

Unlike last year when there was too much rain leading to the durian season, this year has been good for the fruit such that we can expect a second influx of the durian during the month of July, with supplies coming from Malaysia. With this in mind, you can only be too happy that you can be extra picky in finding the right durian type that you love.


Be prepared

While you may be too excited to head out to the streets and be amazed at the wonders of the durian fruit, you should prepare yourself first. Going to the market during the durian season is not for the faint-hearted since you will smell the fruits’ pungent smell the whole time.

Old time durian lovers and even those that are just accustomed to the fruit have grown used to the smell so they are no longer bothered by it. If you are a “durian virgin” however, be prepared.  While it may be a big shock for your sense of smell during the first few minutes, give it a few more minutes. Also, avoid covering your nose all the time as if you are disgusted with the fruit to avoid offending people—especially the sellers.


Only buy from reliable sellers

Durian season is also the season where you will see a multitude of durian sellers everywhere. From the common stalls in the marketplace, it is not uncommon that you will see makeshift stalls along the streets for people selling their own durians.

While this is a good sight to behold, durian lovers should especially pay particular attention in buying from the right ones. Since there are a lot of sellers going around, it becomes very easy for some to cheat on excited buyers in paying for more than what they are supposed to.

There are numerous cases, especially among those who are new to buying durians, where they were cheated by sellers into buying a specific durian that was very different from what they thought it would be. There are also those who have been sold unripened durians that are too bitter to eat. Because of this, if you are a newbie in buying durians, it would be best to have someone accompany you when buying durians to avoid getting tricked.


Don’t know where to buy your durians?

If you are someone new to buying durians or just hate having to go around and find the best durians with the thought of getting cheated on, why not have it the easy way?

More and more durian lovers across Singapore have grown to love getting their durians delivered right at their doorstep from trusted sellers in Singapore like 8durian. With a lot of durian varieties including XO D24, D1 Red Prawn, Mao Shan Wang, Royal MSW, and D101, durian lovers will surely enjoy having their freshest and highest quality durians delivered to them or anywhere they want.

Having durians delivered to your friends and family who can no longer go around stalls and pick their durians have been a particular advantage among many because of being able to have durians delivered wherever they want. What’s more, you can trust that you are getting what you are paying for each and every time.

What are you waiting for? Enjoy this year’s durian season by following these practical tips and even have your durians delivered to you, whenever you want, wherever you re in Singapore.

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