Top 10 Best Mooncakes in Singapore

best mooncakes singapore

Top 10 Best Mooncakes in Singapore

Year after year, mooncake brands battle aggressively to seek supremacy and victory in terms of mooncake appearance, new unique flavour, and mooncake box design. Regardless of who is better, what matters the most to us consumers is that the bar is raised every year and this has resulted in us being the clear winners! Mid-Autumn Festival is often an exciting period in Singapore where families and friends make it a point to gather and connect. During this festival that is also known as Mooncake Festival, no gathering would ever be complete with mooncakes!

Being passionate mooncakes connoisseurs ourselves, we felt that we had to do a top 10 list for our favourite chinese pastry. Making this list was difficult because everyone was really so good! We have come up with this list based on the judgement of taste alone. 

mooncakes singapore by bing liang bakery

Bing Liang Bakery

This brand is not from a 5 star hotel but it certainly does have a 5 star taste. We did not know anything about them before we made a purchase with them online. Everything seemed fine initially. Nothing overly spectacular. We received the delivery, it was packed presentably, and we felt that it may be your standard mooncakes that you can get from any physical shop. However, upon having our first bite, that is where we were so wrong. We had a go at the White Lotus Mooncake and the Lotus Mooncake, both without yolks. The taste of it all was simply sensational. There was a balance between the sweetness and hits of other spices and its fragrance. We used to think that traditionally baked mooncakes all tasted around the same. Time to change that thought! We also enjoyed the fact that the mooncakes were priced very economically, from just $38.00 for a box of 4. We were informed by the customer service staff that this price is under the early bird promotional price and is set to end soon. The provision of delivery of the mooncakes to our premises also made the whole process very hassle free.

Our taste rating: 10/10


E-mail: [email protected]

Address: Various shopping mall mooncake exhibtions. Check their website for more information.

Pricing: Ranging from $38 to $78 for a box of 4. Bulk discounts available for each product when 10 or more boxes are purchased.

mooncakes singapore by mooncake delivery singapore

Mooncake Delivery Singapore

Although this whole list of mooncake reviews have to revolve around taste, we have to highlight something really special about Mooncake Delivery Singapore. As its name suggests, delivery is their strength. They are the only Mooncake brand in Singapore offering 60 minute delivery for a cheap price of just $8! We tried their White Lotus Low Sugar Mooncakes along with their Pandan Mooncakes, both with yolk. The low sugar mooncake was really delicious. After having a go at this, we don’t think we want to try any sweet versions anymore! The whole combination that made up the paste seemed to be very perfect. Trying the Pandan mooncake was like discovering a gem in the ground. The fragrant and aromatic goodness it gave off was added a very soothing sensation to each mouth. 

Our taste rating: 10/10


Address: No venue. Purely online. Hence, the delivery offering.

Pricing: Ranging from $46 to $89 for a box of 4. 

crystal jade mooncake 2019

Crystal Jade Mooncakes

Crystal Jade is known to be an excellent producer of traditional baked mooncakes because they do not hold back when it comes to the use of top quality ingredients. Their prices are also very economical for a reputable brand, going at about $61 for a box of 4 lotus mooncakes. They have some unique flavours that have since become their signature selections. The Chicken Ham Mooncake comes with assorted nuts and we have to say that the portion of ingredients used is far from stingy! This comes as great news to us consumers, given that most mooncake brands are into the business of cutting costs these days. In 2019, Crystal Jade has come up with two new flavours for the health conscious – Oolong Pu-er and Black Sesame and Lotus. For those of you who are a fan of Pokka’s Oolong tea, you would know that this drink boasts zero sugar and a very rich taste of black tea. This new flavour of Crystal Jade is no different. The Black Sesame and Lotus has a very therapeutic taste. It makes you want to go for another bite but leaves you contented after 2 quarters. With multiple Michelin star awards, giving their mooncakes a try seems to be a must!

Crystal Jade Discount Code: 10% when you use code CJMC10 at check out

Our taste rating: 10/10


Pricing: Ranging from $52 to $61 for a box of 4 or 8 mini mooncakes. 

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