Top 8 Places to Buy Kueh Bangkit in Singapore in 2019

The Best Kueh Bangkit in Singapore

Kueh bangkit is the melt-in-your-mouth treat that everyone looks forward to at Chinese New Year. Believe it or not, it is a delicacy used also by other races during their own festive occasions.

The tapioca cookie is created from relatively simple ingredients — tapioca flour, eggs, pandan leaves, sugar and coconut milk.

But getting it just right, with a crisp outer shell and soft middle, is an art. One could be handed a coveted secret recipe and still be unable to replicate what the the best in the CNY Goodies industry can achieve. 

Luckily, for those of us too busy to spend hours in the kitchen, there are plenty of stores and bakeries selling mouth-wateringly good Kueh Bangkit for Chinese New Year

To help you on your quest for the perfect treat, here are eight top places to buy Kueh Bangkit in Singapore!

Bing Liang Bakery

Bing Liang Bakery claims to have ‘arguably the best Kueh Bangkit in Singapore’, and we certainly couldn’t argue with that. Thanks to using premium grade tapioca flour and years of altering the recipe looking for perfection, Bing Liang Bakery produces exquisite Kueh Bangkit time and time again. 

The Kueh Bangkit from Bing Liang transforms into a creamy yet chewy solution while you swirl it around within your mouth. It is not too sweet and is pretty addictive. Unlike most online retailers, they do have a tasting venue which allows you to ensure you get to buy something you truly believe in. It is unfortunate that their Gula Melaka Bangkit is currently out of stock. Through our research, Bing Liang is the only Chinese New Year Goodies store selling that.

Price: S$14.90 for a box of 30 to 35 cookies weighing at 200 g. 20% discount code ‘CNY2019’ available until 15 January 2019.


poon kueh bangkit

Poon Confectionary

Traditional, fragrant, with the right amount of coconut milk taste. 

No-one makes Kueh Bangkit quite like Poon. The next best thing, however, might well be their other CNY Cookies. The 4 decade old business has put full commitment into evolving their recipes. Their expansion to Singapore in 2018 has certainly put a smile on the faces of many. 

Price: S$14.41 for a box of cookies weighing 310 g.


harianns kueh bangkit


HarriAnns is consistently named as one of the best places to buy kueh bangkit in Singapore… and rightly so. The family-run business, which began in the 1950s, produces delicious, flower-shaped treats that look so good they could be used as CNY decoration. Make sure to order early this year as HarriAnns is a highly popular eatery that gets very busy over the Chinese New Year period thanks, in part, to their incredible array of CNY Goodies.

Price: S$20.90 per bottle


Mirana Cake House

If you are not comfortable with having CNY goodies delivered to your home and you happen to work in the CBD, you are in luck. Having just relocated from their Chevron House location to a new spot on Cecil Street, Mirana Cake House have their work cut out this Chinese New Year. To help, the CNY specialists are opening a booth in Raffles MRT Station for collection and orders. As always, their light and airy Kueh Bangkit are going to be a huge hit so make sure to get your order in early and help to lighten their load.

Price: S$18.00 for a bottle weighing 320 g.

Telephone: +65 6781 5009

Little Nyonyas Cookies

Little Nonya’s Cookies delight year after year with their scrumptious range of CNY goodies. Their prosperity pineapple tarts are a delight, their lucky almonds a wonder, but their stand out sweet is their Kueh Bangkit. The CNY favourite is, unsurprisingly, one of their specialities and a best seller. Make sure to order as soon as you can — Little Nonya’s Cookies’ kueh bangkit do not stick around for long.

Price: S$20.00 for a bottle weighing 320 g.


Bengawan Solo

Our all time favourite snack from Bengawan Solo is their Lemper Udang. This Hae Bee Hiam snack made with sticky rice is something the staff at Masons Home Decor would always make a point to buy whenever they passed an outlet! But that is not the only snack we love from Bengawan Solo. Their Kueh Bangkit is to die for. Bengawan Solo started life when founder Tjendri Anastasia moved to Singapore from Indonesia. From her small home kitchen Anastasia produced delightful goodies that became the talk of the neighbourhood. However, her home set-up caught the eye of the Ministry of Environment who told her to close the business. Thankfully, it was this that made Anastasia set up the business we know and love today. Pick up a tray of their Indonesian Kueh Bangkit for a special treat this CNY. The exceptionally presentable packaging also makes it a perfect gift for whoever is hosting a party!

How to buy? Logon to Multiple outlets all around Singapore.

Grand Hyatt

The famous Grand Hyatt Singapore hotel is not only one of the city’s most luxurious stays. It’s also a great place to pick up some Chinese New Year goodies. Their delicate Kueh Bangkit rival any in Singapore but with the added benefit of Grand Hyatt branding. For that reason, we think their CNY box would make a fantastic gift for a colleague or business partner this Lunar New Year.

Price: S$25.20 per bottle. 

Purchase at Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Pineapple Tarts Singapore

The name of this bakery would suggest to you that Pineapple Tarts would be their speciality. Well, you are not wrong. But, you would be wrong to think that this is all they produced. Apart from producing what some may regard as the best pineapple tarts in Singapore, they have one of the most delicious tasting melt in your mouth Kueh Bangkit in Singapore. With more than 50 five star reviews on Google, we believe there is definitely no other opinion to disagree that they are one of the best in the industry.

Price: S$14.90 per bottle


Whatever you do this Chinese New Year and whoever you spend it with, make sure you take the time to enjoy some delicious Kueh Bangkit.

We know CNY brings a daunting amount of food but thanks to their light and airy texture, you can always find some room for the famous treat.

Pick from any one of these eight excellent eateries and you’re bound to be delighted, we truly believe they are the best places to find Kueh Bangkit in Singapore.

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