The Purpose

Masons Home Decor has always made it a point to ensure sustainability in the natural resources used to construct our furniture. For those of you who know us, you may have come across our ‘Save the Rainforests’ initiative whereby we replant trees into our plantations that have been axed for timber, and also to use plantations that invest financially to ensure that the farmed trees are not and will never be habitats for wild animals.

We are taking it a step further by attempting to do good in our own backyard in Singapore. Furniture designs often have design trends, and some users may wish to discard perfectly fine furniture to make way for newer designs. This is where we can help by minimising this wastage by reusing the wood for engineered wood furniture, or to refurbish it for sale to lesser developed countries overseas.

How Does it Work?

Do you have used, ugly, or outdated furniture that you would like to get rid off? Trade it in with Masons Home Decor today and enjoy a discounted rate on your solid wood furniture with us!

Solid Wood Furniture by Masons Home Decor

The solid wood collections that are available for this promotion are our Mason Oak Solid Wood and Mason Walnut Solid Wood series. They can be viewed below.

✔️ 100% Solid Wood from South America
✔️ Available in Oak or Walnut
✔️ Award Winning Timeless Designs
✔️ Made to Last for more than a Lifetime
✔️ Resilient, Strong, and Durable
✔️ Free from Pests
✔️ Free Assembly and Delivery
✔️ Warranty and Returns Available
✔️ Full Set of Themed Furniture for a Complete Look

All wood is imported to be processed and manufactured into furniture in our factory in Malaysia to ensure that we may always be able to offer you with premium grade designer furniture of the most affordable prices.

Qualifying for Discount

Every piece of traded in furniture is of a different type of quality and condition. Please fill in all the fields below.

Each user is only allowed to trade in a maximum of 3 pieces of furniture. Traded in furniture may be of any material except plastic or glass.


Under the Dimensions, Material, and Defects field, please state clearly the furniture you are describing for. For example, a template copy of how it should look like is:

“1st Furniture: TV CONSOLE

Dimensions: 150 cm (Length) x 40 cm (Width) x 45 cm (Height)

Material: MDF Wood

Defects: Visible deep scratches on left side of console. Condition 7/10. “

Please note that you do not need to upload 3 images. Just one image would do.

Within 48 working hours, we will reply you with a discount code that you can use with your order online that will be made available for 24 hours only. 

After making an order, our team will contact you within 3 working days to inform you of your delivery date. That is when we will pick up your traded in furniture.

It is also important to note that we reserve the right to reject any furniture due to its lack of suitability or our overwhelmed volume.