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Shop for all kinds of home decor items or accent furniture online from anywhere in Singapore at Masons Home Decor. Every home needs a unique identity. Home decor items are often overlooked by home owners. Little do most know, styling your home with our home decor items such as our rugs, carpets, table lamps, and even bean bags, can prove to make a huge difference!

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Styling Your Home with Ease

Check out our extensive collection of home decor items to fulfil all your home decorating desires! A living room is incomplete without such decorative essentials. Having a shaggy rug and a warm light table lamp in your living room would definitely create a warm and cosy atmosphere almost immediately. While having mirrors, a bean bag, and possibly some fairy lights in your bedroom will never make you want to leave. 

Our home decor items are delivered using a reliable courier service and typically reaches you within 1 to 3 days. Place an order on our website, and you will receive an automated e-mail within 24 hours, informing you of your date of delivery. You could reply to this e-mail to renegotiate another date should the date be unsuitable. On the day of your assigned delivery, we will once again inform you a closer time range. If you are thinking of dropping by to collect your purchase, do take note to contact us first at +65 9618 3746 first to ensure that there is somebody in the warehouse. Our warehouse is located at 31 Woodlands Close. 

For bulk purchases or enquiry on long term corporate collaborations, feel free to drop us an e-mail at [email protected]. Being one of the largest stockist and wholesalers of home decor goods in Singapore, we never fail in adding value to your business through our unqiue products.