What is WoodWork Design and Technology?

WoodWork™ is a programme that covers every single process (from start to end) in manufacturing solid wood furniture to ensure that good quality end products are made using only sustainable methods that do not compromise the well-being of the environment.

This initiative was collaborate before Masons Home Decor opened a furniture producing factory in Malaysia to import and process timber from South America.

Legal Timber Trade and Increased Sustainability

Apart from the mandatory requirement that all raw wood imported is compliant to legal timber trade laws, we make an effort to allocate a portion of our earnings back to rainforests so that trees may be replanted even though they are in abundance. In 2019, we have established internal plans to begin campaigns to raise awareness of issues pertaining to sustainability and solid wood with the vision of a World enjoying the best quality wood furniture nature has to offer without the fear of possible extinction.

The Process

Specially concocted treatment fluid is injected to penetrate into our solid wood planks to prevent any chance of wood degradation. This process not only strengthens the wood from within, but also acts as a protective layer on its surface. Being a product of Mother Nature, wood is known to disintegrate over the course of time especially with the presence of termites.

The planks are then dried in our processors to ensure that the level of moisture within each plank is at an acceptable minimum value. Poor quality wood will not be able to go through with this step because they are most likely to splinter and break during this moisture extraction process. This step not only ensures that the plank is free from moisture, but it also helps us in identifying wood that is not suitable to be made into furniture for your homes. The biggest consequence of using poor quality solid wood is that they may expand and contract with the presence of air conditioners in our humid environment in Singapore.

After this step is done, our planks are then further inspected and grouped via their tonality. Those that are light and consistent will be stained to have a walnut effect, and those with running tone will require the additional process of bonding with wood veneer to have an oak effect. The bonding of wood veneer is done in our factory in Malaysia. The treated slabs will be sent to our factory in Malaysia to cut and construct to become premium solid wood furniture.