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Shop for all kinds of furniture online from anywhere in Singapore at Masons Home Decor. With our honest marketing, thousands of furniture variety, tens of thousands of satisfied customers, reliable logistics, and extremely economical pricing, there is no reason to why we are the top rated furniture store in Singapore on Google!


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Furnishing Your Home

The people of Singapore work hard for the standard of living we deserve. As a result, we tend to be very cautious of our spending habits. At the same time, we also want to be house proud and ensure that our forever home is furnished with furniture that correctly produces the design intent we have for our homes.

Shopping for furniture for your living room, entryway, dining room, or bedroom can be very tricky as no one wishes to make an expensive lifelong mistake. We are proud to boast a wide collection of fairly priced top quality and designer furniture, capable of satisfying the design needs of any household. Masons Home Décor was established so that no Singaporean may need to burn a hole in his or her pocket just because of ones desire to live in a dream home. Our honest marketing (actual product images) allow you to have the correct expectations of your purchase. Our great sourcing ability means that our catalogue will never stop expanding. The tens of thousands of customers who have shopped with us can vouch that we are your best partners in turning houses into homes.

How should I shop online at

You should always shop for furniture by each room or location of your home. Ensure that you have selected all furniture for the room in topic before moving on to the next. We have below how you should go about furnishing and decorating each room!

Living Room Furniture

Some would say that the living room is the face of every home. It is the first room in sight when you walk through your door. The design theme of your whole home is usually dependent on the theme that your living room adopts. A complete living room is equipped with a sofa (or sofa bed should there be space constraints), TV console cabinet, coffee table, and other accent home décor items such as poufs, bean bags, and table lamps. Ensure that the finishing for your TV console, coffee table, and side tables are the same. Apart from making sure that colours blend well, your selected living room furniture should ideally come constructed with storage compartments so that this important part of the home is always neat and tidy.

Entryway Furniture

The entryway of a home is like the red carpet to prestigious event. It improves the décor of your home and it is necessary for a household to be efficient. Entryway furniture include sideboards, benches, shoe cabinets, and shoe racks. You could add in some photo frames as this would be effective in cementing the identity of your home. A properly decorated entryway would allow you to hide your clutter, comfortably sit when you need to put on or remove your footwear, and, store your shoes indoors to prevent them getting stolen from mischievous neighbours.

Dining Room Furniture

A dining room is a place where families gather to eat or have fruitful conversation. Other than providing a comfortable atmosphere for a gathering to take place, the furniture in your dining room should also be strong and durable. A little spillage of liquids or rough handling can sometimes be inevitable. Our dining tables are available in different sizes (4, 6, and 8 seater dining tables), different shapes (round and rectangular), and different colours. We have matching dining chairs for every dining table. Given our rock bottom prices for all furniture for all our customers in Singapore, it will only be a matter of time before you fall in love with one of our dining sets.

Bedroom Furniture

The bedroom of every home is like the heart to a human being. It is extremely important though others may not get to see it physically. It is a place for you to rejuvenate after a long day and you practically spend a third of your day in this room. Bedroom essentials for your typical home in Singapore include bed frame (with mattress of course), bedside table, chest of drawers, clothes rack, wardrobe, and dressing table. Having all of the previously mentioned necessities in your bedroom would really mean that your home is complete!

Study Room Furniture

Times are changing rapidly. Having a study room or a small space in your home cordoned off for work to be done has become increasingly popular in Singaporean culture. The one doing the work could be students who need to study for their examinations, individuals who work from a home office, or working class people bringing work home to do. It is nice to have a study table that come with compartments to not only store your files and papers, but also the unsightly wires from your desktop computer. One should also consider an ergonomic office chair should the sitting time at your study table or working desk be more than three hours.

Afraid of shopping online? Don’t be anymore

For many, buying furniture online is seen as risky. Traditional culture has us always wanting to walk in to a physical store, inspect the goods, have good feel of the furniture, before actually committing to anything.

At Masons Home Décor, we build trust through our website. Here are some reasons to why shopping at is the best solution for all looking to buy furniture in Singapore.

  • Returns Policy

We practice a returns policy where the customer of Masons Home Décor can return perfectly fine furniture. The only conditions are that the furniture returned has to be properly packaged and undamaged so that it may be fit for resale. The customer will get a full refund if he or she arranges for his or her own delivery to our premises. Should we need to arrange the pickup, we will charge an amount that will vary depending on the pickup location, and size and weight of the item.

  • Refunds

We provide a 100% refund on all goods delivered with defects in the form of scratches or breakages. This has to be verified by our reliable third party delivery drivers from a reputable logistics company. You may opt to have your item replaced via a delivery on another day or we can simply provide a full refund. There will not be a pickup fee charged to the customer.

  • Paypal, Stripe, and Credit Card Buyer Protection

We give our promise above in points 1 and 2. However, some of you might still be sceptical. Did you know, that lodging a report with whatever platform you used to pay us (Paypal or Credit Card) can actually result in a fee reversal back to your account should we, the seller, be at fault without acknowledging it and providing a remedy. Contact your bank for more information.

  • Actual Self Taken Product Images

All of our images are 100% real and accurate. We detest product misrepresentation. Most online platforms give a bad name to online furniture stores, but you can be rest assured that what you see online is most certainly what you will get.

  • Video (coming soon)

We are working on this! We are all about saving your time, so that you can make an economical purchase for your furniture online without having to move away from your seat.

  • Showroom

Should all else fail, contact us via the chat box on our website at to fix for an appointment at our showroom. It is just 5 minutes away via walking from Marymount MRT. Strictly by appointment only.